Started a new service that Starba delivers products purchased from applications to home

"People in the supermarket, buy rice"There are various substitution services that can be asked such as such as, but it is one of substitution servicesPostmatesAnnounced an alliance with Starbucks. This will allow you to realize the ultimate convenience that the staff will deliver Starbucks drinks and foods to the location where you are located when you order them.

Postmates, Starbucks. On-Demand.

Postmates is a company that provides shopping agency services in the US, and when a user orders what they want to deliver through the application, the dedicated staff will purchase them and deliver them instead. In addition to shopping at supermarkets, we will also deliver dishes such as restaurants that are not compatible with delivery.

Postmates On-Demand Delivery

That Postmates announces a partnership with Starbucks on blog. Basically, Postmates is a style that staffs purchase items ordered from their own applications, but in the case of Starbucks users purchase items from the Starbucks application and Postmates staff takes the ordered food and drinks It seems like we can go and deliver it to the user.

BySergey Galyonkin

Postmates is headquartered in San Francisco, USA, and currently operates in various parts of the United States including Arizona, California, Washington DC, New York etc. Starbucks delivery service will be introduced in Seattle, USA from the second half of 2015 It is.

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