I tried "Milky Popcorn" that wrapped popcorn with milky ahead of time

Lawson is the seventh bullet of "Adult High-class Confectionery Series" on March 24 (Tuesday), popcorn which was familiar with "Mom's Taste" familiar with Fujiya · Milky "Milkey popcornWe will release. So farMorinaga milk caramel popcornYaLotte Ghana PopcornAs I was able to get the latest work of the adult series that sent out goods such as such as the product a little earlier before the release, I decided to taste it quickly.

Fujiya "Milky Popcorn" released | News Release | Company Information | Lawson

"Milky popcorn" reached the editorial department. Peco-chan of familiarity has appeared in the package of pale pink and gold stripes.

"Popcorn wrapped in milky syrup, toppings milky powder!" It seems that it is making a lot of milky, but it seems to be popcorn, "it is a good taste salty aftertaste". Expectations will only increase for familiar milky.

Raw materials include sugar, maltose, corn, cream, syrup, butter and so on. It seems that there are two bags containing 100 grams of contents

I will open the package at once. Four-leaf clover at the top of the box to the top of the box.

When opening with Pakari, there were two silver bags.

One bag with a weight of 107 grams.

When you open the bag, you will feel a smell that you can not remember, with the sweet smell of milk mixed with the scent of popcorn.

I shifted it to the dish. Characteristic looks are more characteristic than common caramel popcorn.

Milky popcorn wearing a somewhat yellowish "milky syrup". "Milky powder" is also overcoated on the coating. Sweet smell of milk drifts in the nose, and the mouth is completely sweet - Milky mode.

Pakuri at once. I felt sweetness of milk and light salty taste like popcorn at the moment of inclusion in the mouth, I felt quite a milky reproducibility. While being crispy, it was finished in a moist and moist texture, and was enveloped in a thick rich flavor that is different from caramel popcorn.

Especially, in the uneven part of popcorn, milky syrup has become a stronghold, you can enjoy a rich flavor and feel a little happy.

Unexpectedly, I also bought the original milky. As a matter of fact compared to eating, you can taste the "milky feeling" of course with the original milky, and you can understand that "Milky Popcorn" is tailored a little differently again. It was a bit different from the usual popcorn, it was a perfect popcorn when you want to enjoy a rich flavor.

"Milky Popcorn" jointly developed by Lawson and Fujiya will be released at Lawson stores nationwide except "Lawson Store 100" and "Lawson Mart" from Tuesday, March 24 with a tax-included price of 980 yen. Because it is limited to 90,000 pieces, it seems better for those who are interested to get it as soon as they are found.

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