After cannabis legislation in the United States, the treatment of hemp at the educational site floated in the air

Reverse phenomenon occurs when marijuan support exceeds unsupported numberIn the United States, treatment and ideas for cannabis are rapidly changing. Along with that, the voices of educational institutions that are overwhelmed by the treatment of marijuana are rising, radio stationsNPRFeature articles are organized in.

When Pot Goes From Illegal To Recreational, Schools Face A Dilemma: Shots - Health News: NPR

After canadian legalization in Colorado State, troubles related to cannabis are on the upward trend like Arapahoe Ridge High School. Public high schools do not need to report trouble about cannabis, but there is evidence that quite a few students are using cannabisRocky Mountain PBS I-NewsIt is collected by.

Odette Ed Bruk, a health education coordinator in the district where Boulder Valley School is located, said, "Students have impressions as cannabis is fun, so students will try it later," and the health guidelines changed Because there are not educational sites that are worrying about what kind of cannabis to position, there seems to be a disagreeable view on marijuana.

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When actually listening to the students' voices, Albert Amaya of the second year of high school stated that "cannabis is less long-term impact compared with alcohol and tobacco", and some students say " Even if taught that it is dangerous, in real life it is such a thin feeling, not accompanied by reality. " Carol Gibbs, who has four children, said, "Please tell me how to get away from cannabis at school, for example if you suffocate marijuana you become lethargic It is a problem. "


The Colorado Environmental Health Administration is developing a science-based education program on cannabis, Mike Fan Daiku, chief of environmental epidemiology and toxicology department, said, "Tobacco is not necessary for health But there are people like that in cannabis, it is difficult to handle. " Currently, in Colorado State he hires nurses, psychologists, counselors etc using cannabis tax revenue and is working on the problem of hemp at school.

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