A restaurant served by Drone comes up, and it is a simple and clear reason why decided to introduce it?

Listening to customers' orders in the restaurant and carrying cooking to the seats is "WaiterHowever, it seems that at a restaurant there is not a human but a drawn waiter is carrying the dish.

BBC News - Drone waiters to plug Singapore's service staff gap

In Singapore, the number of waiters and waitresses to carry meals to customers is now short, which is a big problem. Meanwhile, a certain company has launched an amazing measure to solve the shortage of manpower by "using drone instead of waiter".

The way the drones actually fly around the restaurant with dishes and drinks can be seen from the following movies.

BBC News Drone waiters unveiled in Singapore - YouTube

It is the local restaurant chain store in Singapore that uses drone as a waiter in the restaurant. The drones were introduced at the end of FY 2014, and what we are using isIntelligent RoboticsIt is made by. Drone can jump around with meals and drinks up to 2 kg and can also carry beer's big mugs, wine and pizza.

The following are the drone actually carrying cooking at the restaurant. Put the dishes ......

Take off.

Taking a movie with the camera from the same height as the dish placed on the drone looks like this. I am flying over places that are not so expensive.

In Singapore, the number of people citizens migrate outside the country is reduced, and measures are taken to reduce the inflow of low-wage workers of foreigners who were valuable labor personnel in the restaurant industry. In addition, it seems that young Singaporeans are avoiding labor in the service industry, which is said to have low wages and low social status. Because of this background, the Singaporean restaurant industry is now experiencing a serious shortage of personnel.

In order to solve the shortage of personnel, robots cooked menus ordered on iPad at Singapore restaurant and development of high-speed cooking transport system etc. is carried out. However, in fact there has never been "cooked by a robot" or "carrying cooking by a robot" in a restaurant.

Meanwhile, Junyang Woon, CEO of Intelligent Robotics, said, "By using drones, staff in the restaurant can afford more time, so we can better talk with customers and provide better meal experiences It will be. "

The drone flying around in the restaurant is flying about the height above the head of a man, so it feels like a distance that it is likely to hit when you jump.

However, Drone is controlled by a computer, and it is safe because it is flying through a predetermined route while being guided by an infrared sensor.

According to Mr. Woon, Intelligent Robotics drones are equipped with cameras and sensors, and they are programmed not to hit other drones and humans. Also, the moving blade part of the drone is covered with cover parts, and it is designed not to get injured even if you hit it badly.

Mr. Edward Chia, manager of the local restaurant chain using drone, said he hired a total of 90 employees in six restaurants and bars.

Drone carries food and drinks only in the restaurant from the kitchen to the hall.

It is still the waiter's job to actually bring the dishes to the front of customers.

In Singapore, it seems that many famous restaurants and stalls are closed due to lack of personnel and high rent, according to government statistics, it seems that the food and beverage industry is currently short of about 7000 people. I am worried about the future of the food and beverage industry in Singapore, but is it that Drone is a part of solving the lack of personnel for salvation?

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