I tried licking candy "Riberos" to suppress the cause of bad breath "roughness of the tongue"

Food such as dumplings, grilled meats and ramen with garlic has the danger of tightening bad breath, so before you meet people you should avoid eating food. Such a candy that it suppresses bad breath caused by food, such as catechin, tannin, etc. is Kanro's "Liberos"is. Although candy and tablet which existed to suppress bad breath existed so far, it was a candy made to be able to beautifully tain the tongue occupying the major part of the smell of bad breath, I tried licking at once.

Tighten breath and reset! New feeling etiquette candy "Reberos (Rebellos)" February 16 (Mon) New release!
(PDF file)https://www.kanro.co.jp/src/info_140_1.pdf

Liberos is a mixture of lemon mint in package used for package green and muscat mint with blue used in package.

"Astringent (with catechin · tannic acid formulation)" Sapphari! ", The tongue is refreshing with the roughness of the candy surface!"

Ingredients are sugar, starch syrup, starch, tannic acid, tea extract, etc., commonly, lemon mint contains concentrated lemon juice, 15 grains per gram (3.9 g) 15.1 kcal, muscat mint is concentrated grape Fruit juice is included and calories are the same as lemon mint.

When opening it, 11 candies wrapped in silver paper are included.

When transferred to each dish, like this, lemon mint is light yellow, and muscat mint is light green.

First of all, if you include it in your mouth from lemon mint, the surface is not so rough, but after a while lick it turns into a rough texture on the tongue and you can feel that the tongue is well contaminated. The taste is easy to lick because the acidity of lemon and the taste of mint are not too effective, sweetness is moderate. It can be licked for about 10 minutes with a somewhat hardened candy.

Muscat mint taste is exquisitely matched with the refreshing feel of mint to the taste of Muscat, making sweetness discreetly easier to eat. Neither candy stimulus is not so strong, may not be suitable for a change of mood, but it is made on the premise that refreshing mouth is a solid taste.

As a test"Gyoza put on riceAfter eating, I used Liberos and tried how much smell disappeared. Garlic which is put on rice has garlic, so when you finish eating it is bad breath somewhat disturbing to those who are in close range.

Although I licked Liberos, it is not that "there is no smell at all", but when I check with people around me, "The smell gets pretty good, it will be a level that I do not mind even if talking closer to people" And that. Because there are individual differences, it can not be quantified that how much odor goes down unconditionally, but it seems to say that certain effects can be expected.

Both Lemon Mint and Muscat Mint are sold at around 120 yen at open price.

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