A part of the sequel "Fight Club 2" comic version depicting past and future of the movie "Fight Club" will be released

Brad PittWhenEdward NortonAppeared, a movie that is a heavy story that uncovers the hearts of those who saw complicated contents,Fight ClubNovel that will be a sequel toChuck · ParnuqueIs under writing. Comics based on that novel are being produced in parallel at the same time, a part of the comic has been released, and it is contents which it is anxious even if it is not a fan.

Fight Club 2: Exclusive 6 - Page Preview of Chuck Palahniuk's Comic Book Sequel | Playboy

A man closing his eyes and an eyes to look at it on the top are drawn on the cover.

A man named Sebastian appeared on the first page. A blue balloon explains that Sebastian has entered defense in his life. In the film version, "I" (the main character) was a narrator, but the comic is also a place to wonder whether this explanation part is what "I" is doing.

Sebastian receives flowers in a certain place and leaves meaningful words "I am not me". A woman will appear next to the piece in which the church appears, but the face of the woman can not be seen hidden with the capsule. On the other hand, Sebastian who received the flower returned home "I'm home! However, what came out was a babysitter with a knife. Since a woman named Mara also appeared in the fight club, it was a person who held the key of the story, so I care whether it is the same person as Malla who appeared this time.

From Sebastian 's pictures, Sebastian and Mara know that a couple has one child. Sebastian came home earlier than the babysitter was informed, so he seemed to mistook him as a suspicious person. According to the babysitter, Sebastian's son was trying to make potassium by refining potassium nitrate with dog, wood ash, straw, and urine, and adding charcoal to make gunpowder, he said that he was trapped in the room as a prisoner . It is a terrible boy. Also, the boy said "Do not you know that you can make nitroglycerin from fat?" This also reminds me of the previous work.

On the other hand, Mara is one of progeria in those daysHutchinson · Guilford · Progeria syndromeofSelf-help groupI was visiting. For the first time here, it is revealed that the surname of Mahla is a singer and it turns out that it is the same name as the woman who appeared in the fight club.

Patients with Hutchinson-Guildford-Progeria syndrome, whose aging progresses at an abnormal speed, is suspected that "Mara is not the same disease", but Mara says, "My symptoms are light," Bassari . Far from denying it, it is the end of sneaking against the suspected patient. Meanwhile, her husband Sebastian arrived at the church where a self-help group was held looking for Mara.

Mara said he was disgusted with himself and he came to the self-help group. "He was not always bored." "His sex saved me where I was dying with too much medication" "Orgasms he gave me reduced my life" Behind Mr. Mara, Sebastian is listening. Is he 's what Mahler says about Sebastian, or is he a different person ...?

This workDark Horse ComicsIt is scheduled to be published as a series of 10 volumes from, and it will be the content which will describe the past and the future centered on the ten years after the fight club. The comic has only the 7th page put in the cover, but there are many things in common with the fight club such as existence of Mara · Narrator of first person viewpoint · Fat and nitroglycerin · Self-help group and so on It seems that you can not sleep just thinking.

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