Men who have stopped walking because of duvets



It was reported that a man's new duvet was the cause of the symptoms of a man who suddenly attacked on a day with fatigue and fatigue, who could not even walk, and had to rest for a few weeks. It is.

Feather duvet lung | BMJ Case Reports

Man Gets Extremely Sick From His Feather Bedding in Scary Medical Case

According to the medical case database 'BMJ Case Reports', a 43-year-old man in the UK visited the hospital because of fatigue, fatigue and shortness of breath for three months. Initially, doctors thought men's symptoms were respiratory infections. However, the man's symptoms gradually worsened, and he was short of breath just walking in the room, and was forced to rest for several weeks. As for the state at the time, the man said, “I walked for more than a few minutes, and it took me 30 minutes to go up to the bed after going up the stairs. The



The man lived in a warm and dry house and was not expected to be affected by mold. There was also a suspicion of “ hypersensitivity pneumonia ”, which can cause inflammation in and around the alveoli and bronchioles , but men do not have the birds that trigger hypersensitivity pneumonia. The man was a number of doctors, but the time passed without knowing the cause.

The man was finally diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonia. However, it was not a living bird that caused this, but a duvet.

Owen Dempsey, a respiratory specialist working for Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland, conducted an interview and found that men had duvets and synthetic fiber bedding before symptoms began. I found out that I had a new feather pillow. The man was diagnosed with the more unusual “feather duvet lung” of hypersensitivity pneumonia, also known as “Atori family lung”.

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In his report, Dempsey and the research team explained, “Duvet duvet lungs are caused by inhalation of organic dust from ducks and goose feathers.” Inhalation of antigen causes an immune cascade that results in lung inflammation. Repeated contact with the antigen may cause irreversible pulmonary fibrosis.

However, men were able to recover after having stopped using duvets and treated with steroids. Two days of steroid treatment allowed men to recover before they no longer needed drugs. It seems that oxygen saturation has returned to normal levels and fatigue and fatigue have been eliminated.

According to researchers, the period of time from a new duvet or pillow exposure to the appearance of duvet lungs can vary from 3 weeks to 5 years. For this reason, it is said that duvet lungs are very difficult to diagnose.

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