2 chan is abolishing dat soon, furthermore, development and publication of a special browser using web scraping is prohibited, after March 3, 2015, it becomes a permission system via API

"From 2/2015/3/3, in order to develop and publish a 2ch.net dedicated browser (hereinafter" dedicated browser "), 2ch.net will provide it with permission of RaceQueen, the owner of 2ch.net It is necessary to develop using API (hereinafter "API") "Developer.2ch.net, It was announced that a major policy change will be made on future development of 2ch exclusive bra (2channel special browser) development.


First of all, as a big change the less that was written on 2 chances is savedDatWe will abolish the direct reading of the word and move to the API method. As for who is going to do this permission,RaceQueen. Another thing,JaneStyleIt is also the developer ofJane CorporationAlso got permission to use API from RaceQueen, and furthermore, "There is authority to license some API exclusive browser developers to the API", and it is quite a bit of a thing with 2 channel management as a corporate corporation It seems to be related.

In addition, if you apply for licensing of the API, it will not go through, and developers have the following conditions.

◆ Granted OK
· Developer who opened the dedicated browser to the public as of July 11, 2014
· Developers publishing a dedicated browser as a native application on Windows, Mac and Linux
· Developers of iOS applications that publish a dedicated browser on the App Store
· Developers of Android applications that publish private browsers on Google Play

◆ Authorized Out
· Developers of dedicated browser of web application type
· Developers of dedicated browsers developed with JavaScript
· Developers who received notification from RaceQueen not to grant API license
· Developers of 2ch.net related services which are not dedicated browsers

In addition, as an example outline,Development and publication of a dedicated browser using web scraping is prohibited"There is the possibility that some way prevents web scraping. in addition,"Using the API without obtaining permission of the API violates the relevant laws such as the law concerning the prohibition of unauthorized access. Upon discovering an illegal act, it will result in appropriate legal response by criminal civil affairs"It is becoming stronger than ever, and it is becoming increasingly possible that this will trigger the past logs to charge again and reorganize the operation of 2channel itself.

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