Summary of basic idea and usage of "Doujin Mark (temporary)" under open design proposal

ByViktor Hertz

The design proposal of "Doujin Mark (Tentative)" will be publicly invited from July 17 (Wednesday), 20 July (Sun) to July 28 (Sunday) as a copyright intention display tool on coterie activity It was. "Doujin Mark (preliminary)" adopted by this public offering will be adopted sequentially from comics of the new series by Ken Akamatsu in the Kodansha "Boys Magazine" already scheduled for late summer of 2013.

Notice for recruiting design draft of "Doujin Mark (Tentative)" | commonsphere

Selection committee members are the following five and the point that "Weekly Shonen Magazine Editor-in-chie" is included. In other words, it is full that I intend to apply it to serious manga etc now seriously.

· Akamatsu Ken (manga artist, J comi representative)
· Kiichiro Sugawara (Editor-in-Chief of Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine)
· Dominique Chen (Commonsphere Director)
· Nobuhiro Nakayama (Professor, Meiji University, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, President of Common Sphere)
· Fukui Kenzi (Lawyer, Visiting Professor, Nihon University College of Art)

Mr. Ken Akamatsu who is actually a member of the selection committee and is planning to use it in his manga is speaking on his Twitter as follows, "pointed out by Kodansha" is the point.

According to the following tweets, TPP preliminarily prohibits the copyrights of copyrights, that is, by a person not having the copyright, or by reporting by jealousy, jealousy, resentment, etc., the doujin / secondary creation area will be messed up There seems to be an aim to prevent it against opposition.

The basic concept of Mark has become like the following three points, and these are basic ideas.

◆ 1: Writers can attach about their work

◆ 2: Declaration of intention to distribute secondary creation doujinshi magazines by third parties at doujinshi sale (excluding digital data, however)

◆ 3: We do not allow copying and distributing all or part of the original work as is (only secondary creation is permitted)

Who the hell is the third person of "2"? The point is explained as follows and it is OK with the interpretation "third party = coterie artist".

Moreover, according to "2", "We admit doing at doujinshi sale sale", that is, except on the day of doujinshi spot sale, we do not accept (in other words, only on a one-The day copyright systemBecause it is said to be the same)What about shopping consignment and DL sale by digital data? In terms of "being certified with additional letters", if you do OK yourself you will be able to do it without problemsIt has become a feeling. This is also shown in the following tweets.

Even though the so-called CC licenses are applied, these are basically the same as the "meaning that this is not the case when the author approves," and the base part uses the above three points It is interpreted that it is easy to use it, and individual licensing in other details is OK as it is OK, of course.

More than anything, there is a part of executing power not only to propose marks but also to apply them to their own manga works, so if this mark becomes popular, the greatest problem of the current copyright system " We corrected the situation that the creative person and the company on the side not creating it are the most profitable "than the original creator who has the right", not only a very small number of people, but a wide variety of people creates It is also possible to aim for the original appearance of the copyright which will profit and develop culture by profit.

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