Will the content that can hurt Japanese creators in the intellectual property field of TPP go through?

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Pacific Rim Partnership (TPP)The agreement is a wide range including 21 fields and the ministerial meeting held in Hawaii in July was a result of New Zealand's stubborn stance on dairy products and Australia also in the opposite position in the pharmaceutical fieldI did not reach an agreement. Meanwhile, in the intellectual property field (copyright related), Japan is in a direction to accept and accept the American request "copyright infringement non-punishment", "copyright protection period extension" "introduction of court compensation aid system" It is being reported. Regarding clauses that may hurt creators of Japan although they have not made clear what policy the government is,Japan Consumer FederationMartin Frid of Mr. Martin Frid is showing a concern.

Japan and the U.S. Align on TPP Provisions That Harm Japanese Creators | Electronic Frontier Foundation

In Japan and the United States, there are many things that differ about copyright, but in particular, according to the provisions of the San Francisco Peace Treaty, Japan is about 10 years and 5 months equivalent to wartime (3794 days for the United States, Britain, France, Canada and Australia) Added to the copyright protection period (Wartime additionIt is stipulated to do.

For example, the lyricist / screenwriter known for "sound of music" and "king and me"Oscar Hammerstein IIIt died on August 23, 1960, so its copyright will expire on December 31, 2010, if it is normal in Japan. However, due to the wartime addition, popular songs released on March 31, 1943Lover, return to me (Lover, Come Back to Me)'S copyright will be survived until January 29, 2020, adding 3316 days from the release date to the day before the San Francisco Convention issue date. (Composed by Sigmund Romberg died on November 9, 1951)

What is wartime addition during the copyright protection period? JASRAC

The fact that wartime additions are being made means that copyright fees must be paid for about 10 years longer than in other countries. In order to solve this unfair situation, JASRACSeeking resolution of wartime addition obligationAlthough it was expected to be resolved at TPP, what was requested from the US side like exchange conditions was "to extend copyright protection period from 50 years to 70 years". Even if wartime addition obligation is canceled, the copyright protection period extends about 10 years now from accepting it.

By the end of 2013 by WikileaksMaterials on what kind of opinion each country gives opinions in each field of TPPAt the time of publication, Japan took a stance of almost opposing the United States in the intellectual property field.

However, it is reported that Japan is accepting the American demand whether there was a policy change in subsequent negotiations or someone wanting to think so. If the clause passes through as it is, there is a high possibility that it suffers from a great disadvantage beyond eliminating the obligation to add wartime, and the forum to think about the transparency of TPP's intellectual property rights and consultation is " We strongly urge you to exclude large intellectual property clauses from the conclusion of agreement, narrow down to areas with few objections like anti-piracy measures, and further make sufficient information disclosure including the provisional amendment at the stage where negotiations are possible " I have announced.

Emergency Statement to TPP Intellectual Property Clause | Forum to think about TPP's intellectual property rights and transparency of consultation

Japan Play Association of Japan,Japan New Theater Producers Association,Japan Theater AssociationHave also expressed their opposition to intellectual property provision, among which the Japan Playwright AssociationI agree with the emergency statement to TPP intellectual property clause.Yoji SakateThe president is concerned that if the copyright protection period is extended to 70 years, many scripts become "orphaned works" where the right holder is unknown and can not be used in theatrical work I will.

In addition, the contents requested by the United States include "introduction of a courtroom compensation system" and "nonparential penalties of infringement of copyright", and at this point, because the copyright owner is permitted or harmless, Mr. Frid points out that communities such as coterie works, cosplays, comic markets centered around them may collapse, thanks to the fact that the community is being built.

Comic market 88 will be held from tomorrow, Friday, August 14 (Fri), but from 17 o'clock to 18 o'clock on the 14 th, sponsored by Comic Market Preparation Committee at West Atrium, TPP intellectual property rights and consultation Talk event organized jointly by forum to think about transparencyConsider the copyright provision of TPP ~ Non-petitioning, extension of protection period, and statutory damages ~"Will be made. This situation is supposed to be broadcast live on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting. For those who are doing creative things, it is never a part of other people's activities, so people who can go on join the event on the day and see those who can not go on live broadcasts.

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