UN announces a statement concerning the negative impact of TPP

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Negotiations are being advanced in 12 countries including Japan "Pacific Rim Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP)"A statement of concern concerning the negative impact of the United Nations expert group of experts such as" the uncertainty of the contents of negotiation "and" the danger that a treaty will be enacted due to non-public opinion " We announced.

UN experts voice concern over adverse impact of free trade and investment agreements on human rights

UN Experts Condemn the Human Rights Costs of Secret Trade Agreements | Electronic Frontier Foundation

June 2, 2015, the United Nations consisting of 10 peopleSpecial RapporteurAnd expert group, "Pacific Rim Pacific strategic economic partnership agreement(TPP) ""Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership(TIIP) ""New service trade agreement(TiSA) "on the three free trade agreements expressed concern about the negative impact. Although this presentation is content that was concerned about before, the point to pay attention to is the opinion which gathered experts in a wide field once again.

According to the statement released this time, the expert group announces draft conventions of all free trade agreements to the parliament of each country and civil society, takes sufficient time to consider, democratically pros and cons We should assert that we should take. In negotiations on agreements such as TPP and treaties, negotiations with the business community without securing the transparency of the contents, negatively affecting the thresholds of human rights such as medical security, food safety, labor standards etc. Is expected.

Mr. Farida Shahid, one of the members who announced the statement this time, special rapporteur on cultural rights pointed out the danger of declining the standard of intellectual property rights by secret trade agreement It is also a person. In a report released by Mr. Shahid in March, I explained the importance of transparency in negotiating confidential trade agreements and deciding treaties and the necessity of public participation, and in order to respect cultural freedom, the original It states that copyright law is necessary that can benefit authors who are copyright owners.


The concerns of the expert group include not only TPP but also those related to TIIP and TiSA, but the confidential information exposure siteWikiLeaks, 17 secret documents of the "New Service Trade Agreement (TiSA)" in which negotiations are being concluded in 24 countries including Japan, the United States, the EU Union, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Israel, It is published on the 3rd of the month.

WikiLeaks - Trade in Services Agreement

As with TPP TiSA is being condemned for private negotiations, but due to the first clarification of its contents for the first time, it is anticipated that negotiations will be difficult to negotiate due to the public opinion from civil society and the exposure of each country's interests It will be. Wikileaks has leaked a draft TPP several times before but decided to pay a dollar (about 12.4 million yen) to TPP draft providers in the future. We are publishing a movie on YouTube asking for information as well as the contents of TPP.

WikiLeaks is raising $ 100,000 reward for the Trans-Pacific Partnership 'TPP' - YouTube

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