Book-off of super-discount of 10,000 yen × Acer Collab SIM Fleece maho "Liquid Z200" haste review

ASUS debuts ZenFone 5 and debuts smartphone in JapanIt was also the Males of Taiwanese computer makersAcerFinally launched a smartphone in the Japanese market. What a partner chose is the used book sales chainsBook off, And the model to be introduced is an ultra low price terminal of only 10,000 yen (tax not included)Liquid Z 200That's why I'm part of a big topic. I tried using the super cheap Smartphone Liquid Z 200 suitable for so-called "cheap smaho" at once.

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Arrived at book off for Liquid Z 200. Acer Liquid Z 200 is now available for sale at some of the book off's stores beginning January 28, 2015.

A poster of "Suma OFF" comes into the eyes when entering the store.

Suma OFF is a mobile service where book-off begins. Under the word "BOOKOFF if it sells a smartphone", we are implementing a campaign that sells the target mobile phone to book off and obtains Liquid Z 200 at 0 yen. However, in order to get Liquid Z 200 with free cash in a smart OFF campaign, it is conditional to join the book plan off original plan for 2 years for cheap SIM service with SMS.

Liquid Z 200 was exhibited beside the smart OFF poster. Liquid Z200 is a color rich model in home country Taiwan, but only one color of black color is currently being sold. I paid a tax-inclusive price of 10,800 yen, and I was able to get Liquid Z200 congratulations.

In addition, book-off cheap SIM service "Book Off Original Plan"MVNO service of the Marubeni Group using NTT DoCoMo network that enables high-speed communication up to 70MB / day is used, services are starting today from 980 yen (tax excluded) · initial cost 3000 yen (excluding tax).

◆ Appearance check
This is a box of Liquid Z 200. It is not cheap, although it is 10,000 yen smartphone.

Liquid Z200 is compatible with GSM: 800/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS (WCDMA): 900/2100 MHz, but regrettably it is not compatible with LTE. Wi-Fi is compliant with 802.11b / g / n.

When opening the box, Liquid Z 200 with a screen size of 4 inches has appeared.

The contents are Liquid Z 200 main body, USB cable, AC adapter, instructions.

Please note that the instructions are written in Japanese and are safe.

The Liquid Z 200 is equipped with a 4 inch liquid crystal display (800 × 480). The size is 126 mm in length × 65 mm in width × 10.3 mm in thickness and weighs 130 g. SoC is equipped with Mediatek MT6572M (2 core 1 GHz), memory is 512 MB, storage is 4 GB, no front camera. OS adopts Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

In addition, the speaker / microphone part is red, the design which the man seems to like likes.

Back · Home · History button is paint.

Earphone jack on the top.

There is nothing on the left side.

The bottom has a dent to remove the rear cover.

Buttons are gathered on the right side, Volume button, Power button, Micro-USB port from the left.

The back is like this. The rear camera has 2 million pixels.

Plastic back cover has a fine dot-like dent.

There is a physical button under the rear camera, you can respond when you receive a call, activate the camera from the sleep state with long press and assign the specified application.

Put the nails in the hollow on the bottom and remove the back cover ......

A replaceable battery appeared.

In the bottom part of the camera are microSD card slot from the left, standard size SIM card slot, Micro SIM card slot. The Liquid Z200 is a dual SIM style that can be used by switching two SIM cards.

The replacement battery is 1300 mAh and it is considerably small capacity.

· Size comparison
It is like this if Liquid Z200 (middle) is aligned with 4 inch size iPhone 5s (left) and 5 inch size Nexus 5.

Liquid Z 200 is the thickest.

◆ I tried using
· APN settings of various SIM cards
In this time I decided to try using SIM card of other mobile line instead of book-off cheap SIM "book off original plan". Liquid Z200 is a SIM lock free terminal, so if you support even the band you can use SIM card of each company. Firstly, we installed a micro SIM card of NTT Docomo line which is adopted by cheap SIM a lot.

I recognized the SIM card when I was waiting for a while. Tap "Close".

When checking the APN, "NTT DoCoMo" was automatically selected, and it became possible to use the net immediately.

This is the Home screen that launched Liquid Z 200. The dock icon is Yahoo! JAPAN application, Yahoo auction application, book off application etc are set up.

It is like this when GIGAZINE is displayed. The top image is displayed in 2 columns.

However, since the liquid crystal size is 800 × 480, the amount of information is considerably small.

Next I tried installing the micro SIM card which I use in Wai Mobile 's data sharing plan.

After a while I recognized with the SoftBank brand. However, in this state, communication was not possible because the APN setting is incorrect.

To change the APN setting, tap "Settings" → "Other".

Tap "Mobile network".

Tap "Access point name".

Tap "Setting icon" → "New APN" in the upper right of the screen.

APN ""As the user name,"Ym"As the password,"YmEnter.

Furthermore, if MCC is "440", MNC"20", The authentication type is"CHAPMake sure that it is ... ...

Finally tap "Setting icon" → "Save" in the upper right of the screen.

If '' is selected, APN setting is completed.

· Dual SIM
In addition, Liquid Z200 can install two SIM cards and switch the SIM card to be used from the application.

By tapping "Settings" → "SIM management", information on SIM currently installed and information such as voice call and data connection are displayed, so you can switch the SIM card to use from here. In other words, while wearing the SIM card you normally use, you can switch over by installing the local SIM card overseas, change the SIM card even when traveling across multiple regions, switch at any time You can select a line.

· Operability of browsing
You can check how to browse with Liquid Z200 using Wai mobile line with the following movie.

Acer's 10,000 yen smartphone "Liquid Z200" operates like this - YouTube

The Liquid Z200 with Android 4.4.2 KitKat works seemingly crisply as 1 GHz dual core SoC, 512 MB memory, but you can see that browsing is stuck with the display of images and embedded movies. However, when I tried watching a 1080p full HD movie using the YouTube application, I was able to play smoothly without dropping frames or choking.

· Tethering
Liquid Z 200 also supports tethering. However, because it does not correspond to LTE, it can not deny that it is unsatisfactory in terms of speed.

· Quick Mode / Buzz Home
The Liquid Z 200 has "quick mode" which can use the simplified layout with carefully selected applications to use.

With such a feeling, it is possible to choose the optimum mode for children and elderly people.

For example, the classic mode looks like this. Since carefully selected applications are displayed in large tiles, even smartphone beginners are able to operate without hesitation.

There is also an application "Buzz Home" that you can download and change icons and wallpaper, you can use character design such as youkai watch.

Icons and search windows are also changed to youkai watchlike like this.

◆ Summary
Liquid Z200 realized the super-discount price of 10,000 yen (excluding tax) is an overwhelming presence that makes cheapness stand out among "cheap smartphone". However, if it says about appearance and texture, it is not a product called "cheap and bad," but there is no sense of luxury, but it seems to be possible to use Gashigashi without feeling with the feeling such as genuine health. There is no doubt that it will be inferior if compared with the latest terminal in terms of performance, such as non-compliance with LTE and the memory, battery capacity is very small, but it is unparalleled as "price 10,000 yen" It can be said that the price compensates for shortcomings. The Liquid Z 200 is a perfect terminal for those who are curious that they want to have children with it or those who want smartphones that can be used without difficulty overseas as well as those who want to play with cheap smaho I can say that.

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