A new record achievement movie of parallel parking which parks the car at a distance of only 7.5 cm

If you make a mistake in parallel parking, there is a danger of hitting the vehicle against other cars, so if you are not familiar with them, you should avoid avoiding parking if you can avoid them. The narrower the distance between the cars, the harder it is to park, but the professional driver stopped the car at about 7.5 cm inter-vehicle distance and renewed the world record of Guinness.

Stunt driver parallel-parks with just 3 inches to spare

Tightest Parallel Park - Alastair Moffatt - YouTube

The car used for the challenge this timeFIAT 500C. In Japan it is a price nearly 2.5 million yen if it is a new car.

The challengerStunt Drive UKAlastair Moffatt.

Get on the car and get ready.

The challenge will be held in this room course. As for the movie, the notice is issued as "Do not do the same thing".

A lot of audience gathered, I am waiting for a drink.

The car finally began running fast.

The place we parked this time is a narrow space where you can finally put in a car.

I cut off the car's handle and came close to a small parking space.

The part of the car's head enters the parking space ......

Also the part of the buttocks to the parking space.

Looking from another angle it is like this. The tire has not rotated and it is slipping.

Even from this angle the car is sliding into the limit.

Looking from above it looks like this.

The car entered the splendid parking space.

Guinness' s judge rushed down ......

Check whether the car is firmly in the car and space.

It seems that the Guinness judge has confirmed the achievement of the record.

Alastair Moffatt delighted to achieve record.

This record is about 7.5 cm between cars. This slightly exceeds the previous record about 8 cm.

This time it will be achieved by breaking the Guinness records recorded in November 2014, and it is noteworthy in the future whether the record of this time will be broken.

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