The margin is only 26 cm, the narrowness of the intervehicle of parallel parking The world record update movie

Parallel parking which parks in the gap between the rows of vehicles lined up is tormented at the school, and I think that many people are not good at it. However, those who possess outstanding skills do not return this, and they seem to decide with a single shot. As the world record of this parallel parking, it seems that the space between the cars in front and behind was 27 cm, but in April 2011 a new record 26 cm in Germany was born. The video on that occasion is uploaded to YouTube.

Tightest parallel parking - GWR Video of the Week 3rd August 2011 - YouTube

The man has been in standby in the car.

Run the car at the same time as the start signal.

I checked the timing and cut steering to the left at a stroke.

Space really only for one car ......

I slid nicely here.

The difference with the car behind is very slight.

Clapping applause from the audience.

Looking at it again, the shadow of the car approaches as if the car which ran straightly turns like a left turn ... ...

She slipped the rear wheel and stayed in this space.

It may be a bit more margin before. However, when the space is ordinary parallel parking, if it was this space it seems to complain to the person of the previous car "Overdoing!"

Guinness world record was certified on the spot, we received a certificate and a medal.

2011/08/07 13:53
Incidentally, this record has already been updated, and now it seems that 24 cm by the Chinese people is world record.

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