A movie that blew up in a "bicycle" and escapes from several police cars

A movie that blows up the roadway and runs through the pursuit of a police car. I am running a lot of speed and I will pull out police cars and other cars. Finally, we pass through a small gap between the trucks, and shoot off the police car spectely.

I do not know why a police car is being chased, but if you are driving as fast as a man driving a bicycle, you will not be jammed even if you are running in the center of the driveway.

The movie is from the following.Super Speed ​​Bicycle - Video

Once a police car is caught up, I will return it

Blew as it is. Pull off the police car.

But we can catch up with the police car.

I passed through a few gaps, and I was able to shake it spectively.

In the comment section of this movie, there is a statement that "This movie is a fake, a patrol car caught in a semi truck is a fake, the person who made this movie simply changed the car to a police car and just added a bicycle" . Perhaps it is thought that the car that caught in the semi truck was being chased by the police car behind.

2008/09/14 Additional notes
According to several stations, this is the CM of the bicycle maker and can be confirmed from the following page.

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