A movie in which BMW's creative work "lubrication during drift" is seen to defeat the drift world record

November 23, 2017,BMWIt is a belonging drive instructorJohann SchwarzMr.BMW · 5 seriesThe latest high performance model "BMW M5"We broke down the continuous drift record of Guinness world record by driving. In this challenge, we succeeded in doing continuous drifting for 8 hours, but among them the problem was "How to reduce the burden on the vehicle and driver at drift, how to drive the vehicle Do you try to keep fuel light while keeping light? " A movie showing the shrine called "refueling during drift" that was devised to solve this problem is published on YouTube.

Watch the ALL-NEW BMW M5 refuel mid-drift to take TWO GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles

The Guinness record challenge of the drift took place in a special course held by BMW in South Carolina.

BMW solved the problem of how to reduce the weight of the car body as much as possible in order to keep drifting continuously for a long time, and how to prevent fuel run out, in an amazing way.

It specially installed a fuel filler projecting out of the drift car ... ...

It is to replenish fuel during drift. A member with a refueling hose will get on another car.

The act of refueling a car while drifting is dangerous regardless of how it is done, and at the time of a challenge the fire engine waits near the course in case of emergency.

The drifting is done at a fairly high speed and it is orbiting at the same speed as or more than running a circular course normally.

Water is circulated in the course, it seems that it reduces friction between the tire and the road surface making it slippery.

By challenging Guinness records, official Guinness officials check the state of drifting firmly.

When three hours have elapsed from the start of the drifting run, Johannan, who is drifting, told us, "The fuel is 10 miles away."

The fuel refueling team that had been waiting until then started preparing for approaching the car in motion.

Timing is careless ...

Matt Mullins, who is driving a supplementary vehicle driver, to Matt Bats, who got out of the house and had a refueling hose, said "Go!"

The refueling vehicle pursues the position of drifting car during running.

Then, the replenishment vehicle also starts to drift at a distance very close to the drift car.

Mr. Mrins who is the driver of the refueling vehicle also has this serious expression.

That's supposed to be that, members who supply fuel must lean out of the car and connect the hose to the fuel filler, there is a danger that it will get caught between two vehicles approaching if there is a single mistake .

The two vehicles are close enough to collide.

At last we succeeded in approaching the distance that we could connect, and the replenishment member Butats holds the hose.

However, the distance to the filler opening opens in one more step, and Mr. Butats' s half body completely embarks out of the car. Although Mr. Buts' body is connected with a supply vehicle and a belt, I think I sweat in my hands unintentionally.

Mr. Butats somehow connected the hose to the filler neck.

Of course, refueling requires a certain amount of time, so the two vehicles keep drifting at this close distance keeping them away. There is no other word except that it is a supernatural work.

When refueling is completed to a certain extent, Mr. Butats removes the hose.

The drift car from which the hose was removed continued drifting with increasing speed.

"I'm doin '!" Johan, who is pleased with the success of refueling.

Later refueling is often attempted after that ... ...

With the third refueling, the two vehicles will come into contact. Even though skilled drivers, it can be said that refueling during drifting is not easy.

There were scenes where Mr. Butats seemed to be caught in the vehicle due to too close.

Even so, somehow it makes the supply succeed, the drift car continues drifting while receiving fuel supply.

Even though there is no need for supply at the final lap, the supply vehicle also drifts along the course.

In the end, without worrying about the damage of the road surface and the wear of the tire, it drifts as much as possible while raising a lot of smoke ......

Finally the continuous drift of 8 hours has ended.

Mr. Johann and Mr. Lynn who share joy.

Winning run is, of course, drift.

With this challenge, BMW set up a phenomenal Guinness record that it will continue drifting for 8 hours in a row and the total distance traveled with drift will be 232.5 miles (about 374 kilometers).

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