Astonishment way to protect cars stuck on the track from the approaching train

On the trackengine stallWhether it happened, a man who is stuck with the car going out of the way is a movie that takes a startling way to protect your car and yourself from the train approaching from afar as it gradually approaches.

YouTube - How to avoid getting hit by a train

A man whose car was stuck on the track. The train is heartlessly increasing while giving a whistle to heartlessly.

A man who kept staring at the train while thrusting one hand into his pocket whether he gave up his fate. If it collides with the car, the train can lead to the worst case such as a derailment accident.

Suddenly the man bent over.

It is a gesture like grabbing something ......

It is! Is it?

Where is the steam whistle? A calm space emerged.

And I will go home as if nothing had happened.

This motion picture is a so-calledChromakey synthesis(Blue back synthesis)RotoscopeIt was produced in the way that it took about 7 hours to complete. It seems that such a picture is made at "BLACK MOON studios" to which the author belongs.

The male who is appearing is the author himself, and the car and the house belong to him. I use the image of the train here.

YouTube - CSX Light Engine Move @ Laurel Racetrack Station 4-10-11

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