What are the effects of "rearing / outgoing" and "introverted" personality on physical health?


"Diplomatic" "Rear fillingWhile people who apply the word are reminiscent of a very active and healthy image, they are not able to feel much energy from the image of the word "introvert". Recent studies have revealed that there is a certain degree of interaction between character and human body health, and it is becoming clear that people with diplomatic character tend to have a higher immune capacity of the body.

Extroverts may have stronger immune systems - health - 21 January 2015 - New Scientist

"Human beingsPersonality(Personality) will shape the world that person has, "said Linda Gueses, a journalist who scientifically covers sex and life. All the actions in life such as "how many friends are possessed", "in which field of work to demonstrate outstanding talent" and "how to cope with adversity"personalityIt is decided based on.

It is clear that such a personality affects not only the behavior and life of the person but also the health condition. It was announced in December 2014Research results on character and causal relation in the immune systemThen, it is concluded that the higher the self-control, the lower the body's immune ability, while the more diplomatic persons tend to show higher immunity as the person has a more diplomatic character.

Although "the more diplomatic, the more wealthier the body is," the tendency was shown, but in reality it is not only pleasure to let go. While it is true that young people tend to be blessed with a healthy body so that they are more diplomatic, while such "elevated condition" lasts for a long time,Atherosclerosis, And it is also clear that the risk of diseases like cancer is high.

Apparently, it is said that it is premature to put character superiority or inferiority on the basis of high immunity power, and Dr. Steven Cole of UCLA of the United States and America who joined the research team said "Important thing happened about our health What we are talking about is that we are leading to our head and our lives. " If you keep in mind that "Personality affects the health of the body", it may be possible to approach ideas and personality that naturally increase immunity.

◆ "Big 5" which is an element of personality
Professor Cavita Veddara of the University of Nottingham, England conducted a questionnaire survey on personality for 121 healthy students and university staff. In the questionnaire, the five major elements of "openness to experience", "diligence", "extroversion", "cooperativeness" and "emotional instability", which are said to constitute human personality, so-Big 5"And questions about actions that are related to specific personality such as smoking, drinking, frequency of exercise, etc. were held. We also conducted a survey of genes that gave attendees' blood samples leading to extroversion and production of immune bodies.

From the results, it was found that even in consideration of the influence of alcohol ingestion habits, the diplomatic group had 17% higher activity of genes causing elevation of spirit than introverted group. We also found that the activity of the same gene was 16% lower in the group that showed high score with good faith.

ByRichard Ricciardi

Professor Daniel Davis of the University of Manchester, UK (Immunology) says, "The concept of" our character and the majority of our lives are made up of genes that counter disease "has been drawing attention in a wide range of fields. I can not ignore the relevance to health, "he tells about the situation in recent years.

◆ "Is your character ahead or immunity ahead?"
If a clear relationship to personality and physical health is to be proved, the next thing that will be thrown next is the so-called "whether immune power forms personality or whether character brings immune power" Chicken egg "will be a question.

Previous studies have revealed that factors such as stress activate the activity of genes that cause mental elevation, and it is a trigger to improve resistance to disease. Dr. Kohl said, "For those who are outgoing, people with high self-control are less likely to rise in spirit, so there is less chance of encountering physical injuries, and contact with people who have some pathogenesis As the diplomatic people do, when encountering a lot of people, the function of genes that encourage the spirit to rise is strengthened, and the immunity It is quite reasonable to say that the reaction to raise the level is reasonable. "


On the other hand, what is the mechanism by which the immune system influences our personality when looking from the opposite eye? Immune powerImmune cellActivate cellular activity fromCytokineA substance called secretion is made. Although cytokines have the function of activating the function of the body cells to enhance immunity and healing power, this substance limits substance exchange to the brainBlood brain barrierIt is thought that it has the property that it can pass through the cytokine that passes through it, and it is thought that the cytokine that passed through it also affects the brain cells and affects the function of the brain.

At the same time, however, there is a way of thinking that the immune system also has an influence on personality characteristics such as integrity. Researcher Valerio Napoloni of Stanford University in the USA said, "Humans have encountered a crisis caused by the spread of disease many times in the history of evolution, and have been exposed to the opportunity to test their adaptability. In addition to its actions, human behavior itself seems to have played a role as a protective measure against pathogens. " Napoloni tends to be susceptible to infectionsACP1 mutant geneAmericans with a sense of being introverted and reluctant to new experiencesInvestigation resultHas been announced.

◆ Healthy life and personality
In this way, it has become clear from recent research results that there is a certain correlation between personality and physical health. There are still a lot of unknown parts, but in order to make your life healthier you can say that certain effects can be expected by looking back on how you feel and personality.

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