The behavior that the dog follows the tail was related to the height of cholesterol

Many people have the experience of seeing a dog turning around with a kurukuru following his tail, but the veterinarians discovered that there is a relationship with the behavior of chasing the dog's tail and the height of cholesterol, It seems that high cholesterol is thought to be an indicator of problem behavior.

Details are as below.
Dog Tail-Chasing Linked to High Cholesterol: Discovery News

Hasan Batmaz and the research team, a member of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, noticed the behavior behind the tail, which is wounded and happens even after surgery and illness. In addition, it seems that more overtaking behaviors were seen in certain breed species such as bull terrier and German shepherd.

Researchers collected blood samples and compared it, the dogs who often follow the tail showed high values ​​for both HDL (high density lipoprotein) of good cholesterol and LDL (low density lipoprotein) of bad cholesterol It was. Therefore, high cholesterolSerotoninIt is said that it was reasoned that it influences the flow of brain hormones that affect mental activity. It seems that females are more persistent to follow-up behaviors than men, but this is said to be unknown.

There seems to be a study that people with panic disorder and certain phobia showed high cholesterol levels, and research on the relationship between cholesterol and actual behavior is awaited.

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