Windows 10 can be upgraded free from Windows 7, Windows 8.1, etc.

It took place on January 22, 2015Microsoft's Windows 10 eventAnnounced that Windows 10 operates among all devices such as PC, smart phone, tablet, etc. It was announced that it can be upgraded free from Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows Phone 8.1. Voice assistant for Windows 10 that can be used on mobile terminalsCortana (Cortana)Also, the appearance of actually operating the PC and mobile terminal including voice operation is released.

The upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 7 SP1 was done smoothly, but various versions of Windows are currently being used. So Microsoft decided to allow free upgrades from Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 for the first year since Windows 10 was released. Also, Windows 10 will be able to use the latest version until the terminal is broken.

This is the screen of Windows 10. "Windows 10 changes the rules of the game," Mr. Meyerso said. It will change services that had been provided separately for each device up to now. The start menu like Windows 7 and earlier has also revived.

Even at PC ......

Can be used smartly on tablets

From the top of the screen ......

Swipe downwards ... ....

Move your finger to the bottom of the screen to close the application.

Swipe left and right to switch apps

Display either neatly or sideways holding neatly

Tap the screen ......

Move your finger to the right when the screen changes

Then tap the thumbnail of the app displayed in the vacant space

Then I was able to display two applications on two screens.

You can change the screen size by tapping boundary

It is also possible to display the application in the window like a PC.

Here, the voice recognition assistant "CortanaThe demonstration starts.

Sometimes I say a joke, unexpectedly misplaced

There is a logo next to the search box in the lower right of the screen of Windows 10, and it can be used from there. It has become possible to search the net and search inside the computer. It is also an excellent point of Cortana that you can fully utilize on Windows Phone.

Listen to the weather ......

It is possible to utilize Cortana for various things, such as launching an application from the control of music playback etc.

Cortana will notify you also.

Cortana makes it possible to send e-mails using voice without using the keyboard, and to search beyond the device, it seems to be "the world's most personal digital assistant" exactly.

Next, demo of Windows 10 on mobile terminal.

Move the keyboard from the bottom of the screen ......

It can be scaled.

You can also input voice.

It is a universal specification that can be used with either mobile terminal or PC, and it is another direction that Apple designs OS by iOS and OS X separately.

The home screen of the mobile terminal changes like a home screen on the PC side.

Start Microsoft Word from mobile device

Firmly display

Easy to edit

Subsequently, power point is activated

Easily show heavy slides as well

Even calendar and photos can be synchronized with multiple terminals easily in Windows 10

Launch the map application on the PC side. Do route search ... ....

Send the route to the mobile terminal. Cortana also remembers where the user stopped the car.

Office for Windows is optimized for PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Subsequently, the new browser "Spartan (Spartan)Appeared. It will be released as a mobile terminal browser as well

Looks like this with a very simple tab browser

Open news site ......

It is possible to write a memo directly into an article with a pen etc. on the page. It was expressed as "It is possible to communicate with articles."

In addition to being able to insert comments, the share aspect to SNS etc. has been strengthened, such as the pre-installed browser function in the browser

Although it is "Windows 10 that is a" more personal OS ", Spartan seems to be able to operate as if it were owned by hand at content on the browser.

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