People who upload self-portrait photographs turn out to have antisocial character characteristics

ByPatrik Nygren

Selphy (self-portrait) is prevalent globally, and it is necessary to take self-takingSelpie stickThose that have appeared recently, those who are self-photographing self-taking on SNS such as Facebook and Twitter and uploading photos arenarcissismYaPsychopathyIt is clear that we have personality traits like high level than average.

Hey, Guys: Posting a Lot of Selfies Does not Send a Good Message | News Room - The Ohio State University

According to the latest research by Ohio State University, it was found that men who published many self-portrait photographs on the web showed higher values ​​in personality characteristics such as narcissism and psychopathy than men who did not. In addition, those who edit before sharing their own shots with SNS etc. know that personality characteristics such as narcissism are higher.

"I am not surprised that a man who posts many self-portraits and uses a lot of time in photo editing is a narcissist.This research is the first to clarify these things in actual research "It is an assistant professor Jesse Fox who conducted research on self-portraits and personalities. According to Associate Professor Fox, a man who shares many self-portraits seems to tend to advance self-objectiveness, "I heard that this is a very interesting discovery."

ByDavid Blackwell.

Just because narcissism and psychopathy have strong personality traits, not all males who take self is a narcissist or a psychopath. Men who were doing many self-portraits in research conducted by Associate Professor Fox, have been judged to have a normal personality to the last as a result of the test. However, although it is within the normal range, character characteristics such as narcissism and psychopathy show higher numerical values ​​than the average. In the research, we are conducting surveys on 800 men from 18 years old to 40 years old, and women are not included in the survey.

There seems to be little relation between photo editing and psychopathy, but it seems that there is a great relationship between photo editing and self-objectiveization. It is also clear that self-objectivation is primarily intended to evaluate own appearance, not related to other personality traits. In the case of women, there are cases where eating disorders and depression are caused by self-objective.


Although women are not included in the study in this study, Associate Professor Fox thinks that women taking self-taking have a high level of narcissism, It looks like.

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