Google plans to install real-time speech translation in "Google Translate" application Tutoriales y descargas gratis

"Android and iOS released for"Google translationIs compatible with over 90 languages, and is an application that can be used throughout the world. It turned out that Google is planning to install the real-time speech translation function enhanced by Google translation.

Language Translation Tech Starts to Deliver on Its Promise -

Article Writing There are input modes other than text input as "Go", "Handwriting Input" and "Camera Input" in the currently published Google Translate. One of them, speech input, displays literally the translation result if you type literally by voice. However, the corresponding languages ​​are fewer than text inputs and are not something that can be used anywhere in the world, and precision is not 100% accurate.

However, according to the New York Times, Google intends to strengthen the voice input mode, increase the corresponding language, plan to distribute updates that will allow for more accurate translation with less time-consuming real-time translation after input Thing.

Macduff Hughes, general engineer for Google translation said, "Google Translate has over 5 million monthly active users, 80 to 90% of the languages ​​used on the Internet are occupied by 10 languages , The translation function will become an important element for many users, "he told the importance of translation on the Internet.

Prior to Google, Skype covered English and Spanish in December 2014Published preview version of real-time speech translation functionis. It is also true that the user actually used "point out that the conversation is interrupted due to the translation time", "it is troublesome to need a headset", and it is true that Google Translator can clear such a problem I am anxious about that.

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