"Cup noodle Chilean club seafood noodle big" has a taste of crab and taste stronger

Singaporean cuisine "Chilean club" that touched tomato and chili base sauce with boiled crab was imagedCup Noodle Chilli Club Seafood Noodle Big"Was released on January 13 (Tue). The paste was unusually added to the "cup noodles" series, so it was said that the flavor of rich crabs will be more pronounced when added, so I bought it and tried it.

Cup Noodle Chilli Club Seafood Noodle Big | Nissin Food Group

Cup noodle Chilean club seafood noodle big (205 yen tax) is a red-like package conscious of the color of crab.

Chile club paste is attached separately.

Raw materials are fried soup, soup, flavor oil, tomato powder paste etc. It seems that extract of crab and fish sauce are also used.

Calories are 437 kcal per meal (97 g), and normalCup Noodles(343 kcal) higher than the calorie.

When opening the lid, ingredients such as dried freeze-treated scrambled eggs, crab flavored kamaboko and so on are rough.

The way to make it is the same as usual and put hot water ......

Warm up the chili club paste on the lid and wait for 3 minutes OK.

Three minutes later, fried fish and ingredients were absorbing water firmly.

Put chili club paste before stirring the whole.

The chili club paste was red, and when you licked it had a crab flavor in the taste of red pepper.

Completion by mixing. I will eat it.

When eating, although the hotness is somewhat stronger, the flavor and umami of the crab are also felt without hiding, the balance of the taste is taken. The taste of seafood including fish sauce and crab is quite complicated, leaving junk like a cup noodle, it has a deep depth not found in conventional cup noodles, and the compatibility of noodles and soup is also good.

Kamaboko with crab flavor is contained quite a lot, but it collapses when mixing noodles, and the size is small, so it seems better to eat with astragalus. Although it is worrisome about the taste of the soup, since the volume is plentiful and the taste of the crab is not decorative, 205 yen excluding tax is reasonable price.

In addition, cup noodle Chilean club seafood noodle big is sold for a limited time only.

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