A smart rifle "Mile Maker" that can be shot even with a goal of moving 1.6 km ahead of Linux

A company named TrackingPoint created a smart rifle that automatically captures and corrects the target position with LinuxThere was a story in 2013. In two years from that, TrackingPoint further powered up the smart rifle and announced the smart rifle "Mile Maker" and supporting sunglasses "ShotGlass" at the home electronics technology trade fair "CES 2015".

TrackingPoint shows off the "Mile Maker," a rifle with 1,800-yard range | Ars Technica

This is a picture of the rifle "Mile Maker" that was announced and a special sunglasses "ShotGlass" to support sniper. Both models are prototypes under development, but both are said to be at the stage of completion.

Linux is built in the computer sight mounted on the rifle, it is possible to calculate the optimum launch timing by calculating conditions such as the image captured by the camera and the actual wind direction and temperature.

This system is "Precision Guided Firearm(PGF) ", which controls the firing timing of the rifle with the computer sighting axis as the axis. The computer sight is triggered by the rifle bodyTrigger Link, And unlock trigger by finding the most appropriate shot timing from images captured by the lens.

Put the target in the center of the red cross hair cursor, except the scope, and press the "tag button" next to the trigger to complete the target lock on. After that, if you put your finger on the trigger and put the power in, the computer unlocks the trigger at the proper timing and the bullet is fired. TrackingPoint expresses this system as "fighter jet without wings".

The image captured by the camera can be sent to the special sunglasses "ShotGlass" wirelessly. If you put on this glass, you will be able to sniper from behind which the target can not be seen actually. In addition, TrackingPoint is also developing software for outputting camera images on Wi-Fi and delivering it on real-time on YouTube etc.

If possible we cut from this angle that we do not want to be targeted. Mile Maker is a general rifle bullet.338 Lapua Magnum bulletUse the.

TrackingPoint'sYouTube channelNow you can see the structure of PGF and the movie of the scene actually being sniested.

TrackingPoint Precision Guided Semi-Auto Series - YouTube

With the newly developed Mile Maker, it is possible to accurately shoot targets moving at a speed of approximately 50 km ahead of 1,600 meters. Everyone easilyGolgo 13Mile Maker, which seems to be able to get a similar skill, will be released at a price of more than $ 40,000 (about 4.8 million yen or more) in 2015.

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