A sniper rifle equipped with a sniper support function "Xact System" that automatically shoots a bullet when turning the muzzle to the locked on target Sniper rifle real review

A sniper sniper rifle that uses a sniper rifle equipped with an image recognition function and equipped with a sniper rifle to make it possible to fire a bullet by automatically locking on before shooting a live bullet and directing the muzzle to the target The mechanism of support is "XactSystem"is.

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TrackingPoint, which developed this system,2013 Shot showSo I decided to go shooting the real thing.

The appearance is as follows.

This is how it looks from the front.

For general sniper scope there is only one lens "XactSystem"The scope attached to the mounted rifle has three lenses.

It has a mechanism for image recognition inside and conveying the result to the trigger to fire the bullet and once locking on it will automatically fire the bullet just by aligning the aim to the same target again.

Looking diagonally from behind like this.

It is similar to a general sniper rifle.

On the top is equipped with a switch for switching zoom and mode.

I look into the tube like a general scope and use it.

As the blue cursor is displayed in the scope as below, we will pull the target to the center first.

Then catch the target in the blue cursor and push the red button next to the trigger. Target's lock on is complete with this. Since live ammunition is not fired at this point, it is possible to do it over and over again without being understood by the opponent.

Afterwards preparing for launch is OK if pulling the trigger.

If you put the target back into the cursor that turned red at the end, the bullet is automatically fired. In long-range shooting, a slight shake when pulling a trigger is a major cause of failing to shoot the target, so the advantage of automatic operation is that the shooter is calm and focused in the direction to point the muzzle after locking on You can just improve and improve the hit rate.

actually"XactSystemThe state of using hunting and sniper in the shooting range can be seen in the following movie.

TrackingPoint Innovations: Precision Guided Firearm - YouTube

In addition, since it is judged whether or not to automatically fire with the application of the image processing technology, if the posture and direction of the target change significantly after lock on, the shooting can not be performed.

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