Keanu Reeves, famous for its skill, shows amazing shooting skills similar to the matrix

LonelyI witnessed celebrating my birthdayAs well as being Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves, whose famous attitude of not decorating the private, is actually carrying out a spectacular gun action like the one shown in the matrix when visiting the shooting ground, capturing the situation at that time A movie has been released.

Keanu shredding with Taran Butler - YouTube

Along with the male signal, Keanu Reeves holding a gun shoots surroundings with agile movement. It seems that I am using a real gun that shoots live ammunition, not model guns.

After firing to all goals from left to right, run aside the gun to the next point.

Hit the gun quickly and shoot the target from the gap of the tire.

As I ran to the next point, I switched from the assault rifle I used to a hand gun ......

I am hitting bullets one after another and even if it is not a movie, the shooting arms are on par with the matrix.

Keanu Reeves returning the way that came further. Take a shotgun placed on the desk ......

I will let my target hit. I can understand the place I hit because it is a shot, but I can see that I hit one by one one by one.

Even away from the back of the tire hit hard without difficulty.

At the moment of reloading with a pump action "Shashi" with a shotgun shotgun, the slow motion is applied, just like a movie scene.

Another game started this time by a woman's signal.

As soon as I heard the electronic beep "Pee", I thrust with my left hand on the neck of a man in front of me ... ...

At the same time, pulling out the hand gun that had been attached to the waist with the right hand, we will eliminate the target.

You can realize that you have technology that is not a hollywood star, such as showing movement to switch from a handgun to a rifle as it flows. Please note that this movie is a firearm shopTaran Tactical InnovationsIt was filmed by the movie "2017 planned to be released"John Wick: Chapter TwoThe state of training of the thing.

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