Gatling gun made with Lego which can really fire a rubber band

Unlike genuine Gatling guns, there are 8 barrels specially designed. It is amazing how it actually rotates, but a movie that is actually using it actually is a movie. It is a word of excitement that the barrel rotates awfully and the rubber bands are striking out one after another.

Playback is from the following.
YouTube - ULTIMATE Lego Rubberband Gun

The image is here.


The speed is 11 revolutions per second. The length is actually 69 cm. Scope which catches target properly is also installed. Each rubber barrel can be loaded with 20 rubber bands, totaling 160 loads possible. It is said that it will shoot at about 15 seconds or so.

In addition, the explanation of the real Gatling gun is here.

Gatling gun - Wikipedia

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