Movie of a tire made with shoes plays a splendid movie

It is a movie of a motorcycle fitted with a special made tire that uses 6 shoes of shoes, usually on the part of rubber tire fitted to the outside of the wheel. Although I can not expect much ride, it seems that you can also perform acrobatics such as high jump and one turn. Finally when spinning the rear wheel with full power, all the shoes are gone quickly.

The movie is here.
Creating shoes / tires. Of course wheels are special made.

Completed wearing shoes on the wheel. The shoes manufacturer you are usingDC Shoes.

front wheel

Rear wheel. The sole color of the shoes is different.

The whole is like this

High Jump

A complete turn

Great success guts pose

Although I feel a little wasteful, I finally spin the rear wheels with full power.

Rotating at a great momentum

Shoes will be destroyed steadily

The trace that the shoes that were supposed to be on the wheel also disappeared. The movie is here.

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