The box office income of the movie "The Interview" that causes Sony Pictures to attack is staggering

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) which leaked a lot of confidential information after the cyber attack at the end of 2014 saw the movie "The Interview" which seemed to be the trigger of the attackOnce discontinuedWe decided to make it into a smaller movie theater later on and distribute it online, but the box office revenue is 31 million dollars (about 3.7 billion yen), which is a considerable amount It became clear.

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About 4,300,000 times of rental and sale are done on the Internet to The Interview where publication and distribution began from Christmas until now. Moreover, after the release of the movie, earnings do not fall with the passage of time, while the revenue for the first week was $ 15 million (about 1.8 billion yen), while the revenue for the second week was 16 million dollars (about 1.9 billion dollars The total profit is over 31 million dollars (about 3.7 billion yen) and it keeps the top ranking in online film ranking at all times.

Movie trailers can be seen from the following.

The Interview Official Trailer # 2 (2014) - James Franco, Seth Rogen Comedy HD - YouTube

The Interview was originally planned to be released on a scale of 2000 buildings, but as a major chain stopped screening the movie in response to the hacking issue, we decided to designate R as well as art showing the independent work The scale was reduced, that it was made public only at 331 theaters. Therefore, compared to Internet distribution, the box office record at a movie theater is$ 5 million as of January 5, 2015 (about 600 million yen)And it is getting less.

Although the movie was originally distributed on YouTube, Google Play, Xbox Video, etc., after that, we are increasing distribution sites such as PlayStation Network and Amazon instant video. Film production cost is 44 million dollars (approx. 5.2 billion yen), so we have not yet recovered expenses, but it is a form proved that it is ant depending on the work, as well as publishing the movie at the same time as publishing it.

Meanwhile, North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesperson opposing the movie "outright terrorism" rebounded. According to CNN's report, "The enemy has exceeded the acceptable limit in that mean-loving movie, hurt the dignity of the supreme leader", "It aims to deprive the support of the heart of the people of North Korea and to collapse the social system It is an outright terrorist act, it is a war act. " Kim Jong-In's assassination comedy movie, North Korea repulsed "terror"

Incidentally,"Lazy Award" to recognize "Minimum" movie on the eve of the Academy Awards ceremonyThe list of nominations of the works was leaked, but The Interview is in the lowest film category, the lowest actor division, and the lowest screen combi departmentA nominated patternis.

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