A movie "The Interview" with the theme of North Korea thought to be discontinued will be launched online

From December 25, 2014 in local time, a very commentary comedy action movie assassinating North Korea's first secretary Kim Rae-The Interview"Has been decided to be delivered on Google Play · YouTube · Xbox Video, and even special site.

The Interview - Kernel

Official Google Blog: "The Interview" now available on Google Play and YouTube Movies

"The Interview" now available on Xbox Video - The Official Microsoft Blog

Sony Pictures is based on "Guardians of Peace (GOP)" by hackersLarge hackingIn response,Confidential fileYaSeveral movies including unpublished worksIt has suffered great damage that it will leak out. These series of offensesAccording to North KoreaSince then Sony Pictures decided to discontinue "The Interview", many criticisms were gathered for Sony Pictures' weak response.

For details about Sony Pictures' discontinuation of "The Interview", please read the following article.

Sony Pictures decided to discontinue the movie "The Interview", whether the suggestion of act of terrorism to the movie theater is the cause - GIGAZINE

But then, after a while turning Sony PicturesPublication in a part of theaters in the United States from 25thWe also decided to deliver even on-line. It will be delivered to users in the United States and Canada at the beginning, online rental for 48 hours at 5.99 dollars (about 720 yen) on the special site and $ 14.99 for purchasing the content itself 1800 yen) is required. As for payment, "Secure online payment method"StripeSince it is used, it does not seem to be a target of hacker's attack by watching it.

Sony Pictures' Michael Linton, CEO of Sony Pictures, said, "The Interview's production cost includes $ 42 million (about 5.1 billion yen) as much money as the production cost," according to the damage received, It was important that we decided to distribute it on the net first so that as many people as possible could see it on the opening day. "

The official trailer of "The Interview" can be watched from below and you can see clearly that it is quite aggressive work just by looking at it.

The Interview - Official Teaser Trailer - In Theaters This Christmas - YouTube

Hacking to Sony PicturesIt is not due to North KoreaI can see the claim that ... ....

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