The contents of PS 4 which she received from Christmas gifts are sacred items and depressed


A gift from an important person should be pleasing whatever the contents are, and it is unusual for a person who got to be disappointed not to be obediently delighted. However, when a man who got PlayStation 4 from her as a gift for Christmas opened the box, an incident occurred in the United States that gifts were perfect for the holy night which would disappoint men.

Woman buys boyfriend PlayStation 4 for Christmas; finds something totally unexpected in box |

You can see what was in the PS4 box from the following movie.

Woman buys boyfriend PlayStation 4 for Christmas; finds something totally unexpected in box

Sandra Ortiz who lives in California in the USA is a boyfriend's Christmas gift as a discount shop on PlayStation 4TargetPurchased at. Ortiz 's boyfriend who took off packaging on Christmas day and knew that the present is PS4 seems to be delighted to the highest. However, the tragedy of the holy night was beginning from here.

When Ortiz 's boyfriend stopped feeling early, opening the box of PS 4 and checking the contents, what was in the box was not a next generation game machine but two thick Bibles. When Ortizan's boyfriend thought that she was a joke in a joke because it was just a holy present perfect for the holy night, when looking at the lover, there is the Ortiz that looks more surprised than the boyfriend He seemed to have been there.

According to Ortiz, the Bible inside the box is not intended. When Ortiz who was puzzled by an unexpected situation asked Target who purchased PS 4, I immediately got a change without responding to the exchange. Ortiz said, "It was awfully embarrassing, I broke the Christmas atmosphere, but it may be a precursor to something good that the Bible has arrived at Christmas," he says about the incident.

In Target, the contents of the box of PS 4 are replaced with a large number of documents,The iPod was replaced with an eraserThere was also something I did. There is no formal explanation from Target about the reason why the contents of the product has been replaced, but it seems that we are dealt with by taking the procedure of exchange as soon as the contents have been replaced.

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