I've eaten "special-made shortcake" with a powerful full score in 6 rows with Juheim

At the end of the year there are opportunities to eat salty foods such as eating out and there is a moment when you want to eat sweet things, but perfect for when you want to be filled with such sweet things, it is powerful Jeheim's six-stage shortcake. It was said that it was a limited menu of Kobe Motomachi head office, so I went to a shop and ate it.

Kobe Motomachi Main Store | Juheim

Address of Yuheim Kobe Motomachi head office is 4-13 Motomachi 1-chome Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi Hyogo ken.

As soon as I entered the shopping district I arrived at the main shop of Yuheim Kobe Motomachi.

Showcases line up on the first floor and you can purchase sweets.

The tea salon is on the second floor, and the atmosphere in the store is calm.

So I will sit down and order quickly.

Because there were few people, after a few minutes of ordering, a set of 6 stage short cake and drink was delivered almost without waiting.

This is a 6 stage short cake. One step is one step thinner than ordinary short cake.

It is about this size compared with iPhone 5s. As a short cake it is quite enormous, so it will be delivered sideways as it is not to collapse.

This width is about this.

Next to the cake was whipped cream and strawberry ice cream.

The strawberries on the top are also large.

I will eat it at once. ......, but the size of the fork can not be cut at once.

I managed to place a cake that I managed to cut on a fork. When eating it, the whipped cream of the eyes is fitted to the moist and fresh sponge, and the overall impression is light. Between sponge and sponge not only whipped cream and strawberries but also raspberry jam are used, so you can eat sweet and sour and well.

The strawberry ice that was attached was somewhat junk or artificial strawberry taste. This is deliciously eaten with this.

Big grain strawberries are beautiful not only looks beautiful but also sweet and sour and firmly accented with a sweet cake.

The sponge itself was light like the chiffon cake and the overall sweetness was also modest, so I thought that it was "light! I could go on and on!", But when I was eating with a drink, my stomach bulged firmly afterwards It was.

In addition, the special six-stage short cake is 605 yen including tax if it is a single item, 1020 yen including tax with a drink set. Because the whole cake looks something like this, it is a head-store limited item that can not be taken home, so if you want to be filled with short cake it was one item you should try by all means when you go to a shop.

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