Where is the country with the most number of users of highly anonymous VPN users in the world?

ByYuri Samoilov

VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network that accesses servers and systems that provide VPN services from the Internet using a virtual private network so that even from a place to go or from home, It means network service that can be used from the Internet in the environment. Using VPN makes it difficult for third parties to listen to the communication contents, which increases the anonymity of users, so some users are using it for privacy. When GlobalWebIndex examined the number of users using this VPN by country, interesting facts emerged.

90 million VPN users in China have accessed restricted social networks - GlobalWebIndex | Analyst View Blog

The following graph shows the number of VPN users by country and ranked the top 10 in the ratio of the number of VPN users in the number of Internet users. The highest was 22% in Vietnam and Indonesia. After that, 20% in China, 19% in Turkey, 18% in Thailand and so on. Not only socialism and communist countries, Islamic nations such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, only countries with strict regulations are ranked in. It seems that there are a lot of users of VPN service in order to avoid Internet regulations that the country implements.

On the right side of the graph is the total number of VPN users. Looking at the total number alone, China is about 93 million people and it is innocent. After that 18 million India will follow. China has "Great firewallThere is a net censorship system called "The Chinese government is famous for blocking inconvenient information."

In addition to famous websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, 218 articles are blocked on Wikipedia, and China, which is strictly censored, has become the country with the largest number of VPN users in the world with a great difference from other countries .

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