Maximum waiting time The retro design large mobile phone "Sony Brick" which realized SIM free in 3 months

A large-sized model such as iPhone 6 and Nexus 6, which is becoming the mainstream of mobile phones, appeared in 2014, but its size is surprising when compared with the cellular phone of those days that began to be put to practical use around 1980 It is small. Products that go against the trend of miniaturization of such mobile phones are "The Brick"Adopting a design that imagined a cordless phone in the latter half of 1980, with continuous standby time of up to three months, and even features that we can not defeat smartphones.

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This is The Brick. The Brick is designed with the phone as a motif in the latter half of the 1980s, and a retro atmosphere is drifting. Contrary to the size of the main body, the liquid crystal is fairly compact, how long the continuous standby time is up to three months, without having to charge the battery four times a year.

The Brick becomes a mobile phone that uses the 2G line if you insert the smartphone's SIM card on hand, you can use it as a handset if you connect it to the smartphone with Bluetooth. You can operate the smartphone screen while calling The Brick.

The charm of The Brick is not limited to long-time driving and telephone function. Since it is equipped with LED flashlight, it can also be used as a flashlight.

In addition, Nokia's mobile phone was installed in "Snake gameYou can play.

Speakers are also installed, so if you connect with a smartphone with Bluetooth, it will change to a small speaker. You can respond to circumstances like holding a home party suddenly.

The Brick is on sale for 49.99 pounds (about 9300 yen) for the regular version, and it is scheduled to be released with a power edition with charging cradle at 99.99 pounds (about 18,000 yen) with a standby time of 3 months. Furthermore, it is said that models that can be used as cordless handsets for home phones are under development for release. Article Writing Currently I am shipping to the United States, the UK and EU, and I hope that it will be available for delivery to Japan in the future.

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