Google announces the number of censors from each government, only a few in Japan

The negotiations with the Chinese government to censor the information on the Internet thoroughly so that disadvantageous information is not displayed to the authorities has broken, and Google, which has decided to withdraw from China in March, We announced whether the request was made.

Also, the number of requests for disclosure of caller information has been disclosed, which is very interesting.

Details are as below.
According to Google's special page, on July 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009, on the video sharing site "YouTube" under the umbrella of Google, how much calling party information disclosure request from the governments of the world and information are deleted , Information on whether so-called "censorship" was requested has been released.
Government requests directed to Google and YouTube

This is a map showing the caller information disclosure request received from each government.

The country with the most caller information disclosure request was 3663 in Brazil, followed by 3580 in the United States, 1166 in the UK and 1061 in the Indian.

On the contrary, the country where the caller information disclosure request was few. There are 30 cases in Israel with the fewest numbers and 44 cases in Japan, which shows very few things. By the way, I have not touched the number of cases in China, but is it that the surveillance has been watched far enough to make a caller information disclosure request?

And the map of the number of requests for the so-called "censorship" from the governments to delete information to Google. As for the number of cases in China, only "?" Is displayed.

The top number of requests for censorship was 291 cases in Brazil with the most requests for disclosure of caller information. Followed by 188 Germany, 142 India and 123 USA.

As a result that Japan belongs to the smallest "less than 10" group.

Since it is sometimes required to disclose the sender information of more than one person at a time and to delete multiple URLs, we assume that this data is not complete, and we will continue to use data to display based on these information It is supposed that it is a very interesting attempt that the state of correspondence of each country government will be made public in this way.

Anyway, how much was there request of censorship from the Chinese government ...?

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