A diagram that clearly shows the number of deletion requests and information disclosure requests from governments sent to Google and YouTube

Google responds to requests from governments for the provision of user information and content deletion to YouTube andOrkut,BloggerIncluding those for group companies,Published from April this year on the special page "Google Government Requests"doing.

I will introduce diagrams that are easy to grasp at a glance which countries are frequently doing deletion requests and information disclosure requests, based on this data.

Details are as below.GOOD.is | Data Removal Service (Raw Image)

Figures are nowGoogle Government RequestsIt was prepared based on the data published in (July 1 - December 31, 2009), the size of the flag is 6 levels, the flag with the smallest flag asked for disclosure of user information The number of times is 0, the second smallest flag is more than 1 time and less than 100 times, the biggest flag with the largest number is over 2000 times, the biggest flag is the country with more information disclosure requests.

Like this, the number on the upper right of the flag is the number of requests for information disclosure, the bar graph underneath the flag is the number of content deletion requests, and Google is the ratio according to deletion. In other words, in the case of the UK, 1166 times during the period from 1 July 2009 to 31 December 2009 asked Google to disclose user information and asked to delete 59 contents.

Of this 59 times (sometimes asking for the deletion of multiple contents at once request, but it is counted by the number of times instead of the number of cases), Google will use Google to delete some or all of the content requested to be deleted The corresponding percentage is 76%. Since this 76% number was rounded off, it is 45 times that Google took the deletion action out of the 59 deletion requests made by the British government.

Brazil, which is the most numerous, with information disclosure request 3663 times and deletion request 291 times. 83% of the deletion requests Google adopted deletion measures.

IncidentallyGoogle Government RequestsBy clicking the country on the map on the map, you can see the contents of the content requested to be deleted.

Like this.Orkut(SNS operated by Google) There are only 50 million users in Brazil, and it seems that there are many requests for deletion to orkut. "Court order" is the order of the court, for example, Brazilian court orders are 32 requests for deletion to YouTube, and one other Brazilian government requests to delete it.

It is 3580 times to request disclosure of user information, followed by America, which is the second largest after Brazil.

In Germany, there are not many requests for information disclosure, 458 times, but the request for deletion was 188 times next to Brazil, of which 94% of Google took the deletion measures.

In Korea and Japan, both requests for disclosure of information are 44 times, the request for deletion is 64 times in Korea, 89% of which are deletion measures, 10% of which is less than 10 in Japan.

Meanwhile, some countries have become "?" ... ....

Since the Chinese government considers censored requests to be national secrets, it seems that we can not disclose information such as the number of information disclosure requests and the number of deletion requests at this time.

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