Google, Facebook, Twitter rebelled against the Hong Kong National Security Act, poised to reject the Hong Kong government's data request

Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have begun to refuse data requests from the Hong Kong government, expressing opposition to the ``Hong Kong National Security Maintenance Law'' which is a law for the Chinese government to crack down on anti-governmental movements in Hong Kong It was

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The Hong Kong National Security Act, which came into effect on July 1, 2020, states that the government is leaving the state, subverting acts, terrorism, colluding with foreign forces intervening in Hong Kong, and the Chinese central government and local governments in Hong Kong. It stipulates the crackdown on acts of inciting hatred and the establishment of a new security agency under the direct control of the Chinese central government in Hong Kong. The law is very vague in terms of expression, saying that it will be processed 'at the right time' regarding the suspect's detention period, and it is operated by the Chinese authorities' 'very subjective and flexible interpretation'. The possibility that it will be done is being questioned.

Since the exchange of information regarding the democratization movement in Hong Kong is mainly done online, the National Security Act of Hong Kong states that 'providers are required to provide information without waiting for the order of the court.' If you receive a message, you can intercept the communication.' 'You can request IT companies such as social media to delete problematic posts and user accounts.'

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Social media platforms generally provide 'user's personal information' in case of court order, in accordance with the laws of each country. However, regarding the National Security Maintenance Law of Hong Kong, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc. announced that they will refuse to provide user information due to the law itself.

For that reason, Twitter said, 'Hong Kong National Security Act terminology is ambiguous and lacks a clear definition, so we evaluate and evaluate its impact,' Google said. “We continue to consider,” said Facebook, “Facebook has a process for hearing governmental requests, which involves not only Facebook's own policies and local laws, but also international human rights standards. We are temporarily holding the government's request pending the outcome of an assessment of the law, including consultation with international human rights experts.'

Regarding the Hong Kong National Security Act, a Twitter spokesman said, 'Like many public interest groups, civil society leaders and organizations, and IT companies, it's critical to the process and intention of creating the National Security Act. I have a concern,' he said.

In mainland China, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all banned by the 'Great Firewall.'

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