Disclosure of the IP address of the user acquired by "Web fishery"

According to Tale comment, "Web fishery" which can acquire and record the page like Google cache, seems to disclose the IP address of the person who acquired the web fisher because he received a settlement recommendation from the court.

Details are as below.
Web pioneering

Currently on the top page "About disclosure of caller information", it is written like the image below.

A person claiming that honor was damaged by thread with 2channels and summary site requested disclosure of the IP address of the acquired user about several web fishery.

We have been discussing since the end of last year, but on June 22, 2009 we received the recommendation of the Chiba District Court settlement and will give the relevant IP address of the user to the plaintiff.

Plaintiffs are expected to request ISP to disclose personal information from now on.
Records remain in the ISP, and if we respond to the disclosure of personal information, I think that the documents will arrive from the court to the relevant user.

The fishery that disclosed the acquirer's IP address is the following two points.


If you are appealed and you want materials such as the number of access for each fishery etc, please contact us as we can cooperate within the range that we can do.

After examining it, it seems that the deletion request is being done at the following date and time because it is "personal information".

Delete request on December 19, 2008 - Web pioneering

Delete request on 28th December 2008 - Web pioneering

In addition, as described in the following statement that you obtain the IP address properly in the terms of use when acquiring the page with web fishery and disclose it when necessary.

The management company saves the IP address of the user at the time of obtaining the fishery.
About this, the operating company shall be able to disclose it when it deems it necessary.

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