I bought "Massa Man Curry" chosen for the best dish in the world with MUJI with a reputation for commitment to curry and tried it out

Since about the second half of 2014,Food foodYaNissinMassassan curry flavored products are on sale,It was chosen as the best dish in the worldMassa man curry is going to be one trend next year, but Mujirushi goods already sold "Massassan Curry" from August 2013 already. MUJI is a company that is committed to curry, especially retort curry is a curry and egg curry "Phu Pupp"Curry of North India"Pork codma"And European style curry etc. There are more than 15 kinds of lineup. While reproducing the local taste, Massa Man Curry makes it suitable for Japanese riceThis waka sugarI tried to eat it at once because it was finished in 1 item with a detailed attention such as using.

Curry Massana Man that made use of the material 180 g (1 serving) | MUJI

The package of Massa Man Curry is a simple one that does not have a mark, and it is placed in a curry corner of MUJI.

"Thai curry with sweetness and richness, which added peanuts to eight kinds of spices, stir-fried curry paste and finished with flavor". The level of spicyness is 3 in 5 stages.

"Chemical seasoning, synthetic coloring, fragrance not used". Cooking methods and precautions are also written in detail.

Raw materials include chicken · coconut milk · potato · curry paste · vegetable oil · fish sauce · coconut milk powder · peanut · palm sugar · sugar · starch · tamarind paste · chicken extract · spice etc. Before the renewal in July 2014 I was using pork, but I changed it to chicken to bring it closer to local taste.

The calorie per bag (180 g) is 286 kcal, which is about 520 kcal when you eat it with 1 meal of rice (about 235 kcal).

There are two ways to heat curry, hot water and microwave, but this time we can warm up with a microwave. First of all, it opens from the side cut.

Transferring to a plate spreads a little bit of scent like Southeast Asian curry with scent of coconut and fish sauce.

Wrap it and warm it at 500 W for about 2 minutes.

Completed platter warmed and rice together on dishes.

Massa man curry contains small chicken meat and potatoes.

Red oil is floating and it seems that many peppers are also used.

First of all, when you eat curry with ingredients, like the Thai curry, you can feel the unique flavor and smell of richness of coconut milk and fish sauce, but also the complex and deep flavor that you can also feel the taste of nuts and spices . Sweetness is somewhat strong, but you can eat to an extent that you do not mind. The chicken was soaked with the taste of spices and curry, and the potatoes felt slightly stronger the sweetness.

Peanuts are still in fruit, and although they are absorbing curry quite a bit, they are polypoly texture, with a unique rich addition, it was a good accent.

The compatibility between rice and curry is good, and because it is smooth curry, rice and curry get involved often. The pungent taste is not very strong, but it was felt that pungent taste was emphasized more than the amount of chili because the sweetness was intensified.

Massassan curry is 300 yen including tax. As there are not many shops where Massa Man curry can be eaten at present, it is recommended for those who would like to know the taste of Massassan Curry.

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