It turned out that the iPhone 6/6 Plus interferes with the magnet and malfunctions

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NFC installed in both the iPhone 6 Plus camera and the iPhone 6/6 Plus has been found to interfere with the magnet and malfunction, and a movie containing what actually malfunctions actually will be released It is being done.

Accessories with magnets / metal might interfere w / iPhone 6 Plus optical image stabilization, NFC on new iPhones | 9to5Mac

The malfunction caused by the camera of the iPhone 6 Plus occurs when attaching an interchangeable lens for a smartphone attached to a smartphone camera with a magnet. You can see how malfunctions will occur if you actually see the following movies.

Weird iPhone 6 Camera Glitch! - YouTube

To install on the iPhone 6 PlusPhotojojo iPhone and Android Lens SeriesThe Fisheye lens.

This is an interchangeable lens for smartphones that attaches to the iPhone 6 Plus with a magnet attached to the attachment part.

When this is installed ...

IPhone 6 Plus' screen shakes by haste. Occurred with iPhone 6 Plus cameraFocusing problems with blurred imagesThe screen shakes more than this.

Even if you try to copy things closer to you.

Try removing the lens ......

The shake fell.

When attaching a lens, the camera malfunctions and shakes like it, but if you float the lens slightly like this, malfunction of the camera seems to fit.

Looking into the iPhone 6 Plus camera with the lens attached, the lens of the camera fluctuates roughly as you can see even by visual observation.

In order to acquire the "MFi" logo which is a mark of a product made for Apple products such as iPhone / iPad / iPod, AppleMFi programYou need to go through. At this moment, Apple also notified each accessory maker that "To avoid accidental operation of iPhone 6 Plus camera, avoid using metal and magnet parts for accessories" in this MFi program It seems that Apple is also aware of this problem. Also, what kind of malfunction actually occurs is unknown, but NFC installed in both iPhone 6/6 Plus seems to interfere with magnets and metal parts, so Apple also seems to be surrounding these parts It is said that each Maker is notified by the MFi program to avoid using metal parts and magnets.

The MFi logo which accessories which passed Apple's certification can be displayed is kore.

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To avoid the problem, do not use accessories with magnets, 9 to 5 Mac said.

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