"Anatomy 360" which is useful for drawing etc from viewing from the various angles of the real human being of men and women

Anatomy 360 is developing a service that makes it possible to browse the whole body of the human body by 3D scan of a real human model. Such Anatomy 360 is a test version that runs on Unity Web Player compatible browser, you can set lighting such as shadow of male and female models and the direction of light source, and can browse with changing glimpse point of viewAnatomy 360 Build 1.2"Is released to the public.

Anatomy 360 | Anatomy 360 Build 1.2 Available now

Unity Web Player | Build 1.2

To launch the demonstration of Anatomy 360 Build 1.2, click "CLICK TO TRY THE DEMO".

Loading is pretty slow, but after completion you will see a male 3D model by default. To display the operation method for grinding on the screen Switch "Controls" to On.

"Rotate Camera (camera rotation)" moves the cursor while pressing ALT and left click. You can change the position of the viewpoint to see the object from the front, from the back, from the bottom, from the side.

Hold the space while moving the cursor, you can move the object up and down, left and right as you slide the camera.

By holding down Shift and moving the cursor up and down, you can zoom the camera from surprisingly close to the fingertips.

The 3D model has shadows on the floor and muscle according to the position of the light source. You can change the position of the light source by holding down the right click and moving the cursor. Shake the position of the light source left and right ......

I can light up from the bottom.

It seems that it will be very helpful for people who draw pictures, as shadows appear dark over the entire body when illuminating from above.

To switch the gender of the model, click "Male / Female" in the lower left.

In addition to the menu buttons on the upper left, you can switch the effect by clicking on it, for example by switching On / Off of "Texture" like this.

When "Flat Shaded" is turned off, it is possible to reproduce the texture of living body skin ......

You can give various effects and changes, such as becoming a metallic texture when you slide "Specularity" in the knob on the left side fully to open it. That is why I can see all the corners of the men and women models that I wanted as desired, as they wanted.

The 3D model of Anatomy 360 was actually made by photographing a real person, and it is said that 400 poses are taken. It is regrettable that you can not change posing at this stage,Unity 5It will be published in WebGL if it is made public, so in the end all poses will be added as well.

In addition, it is easy to understand how you actually operate "Anatomy 360 Build 1.2" by seeing the following movie.

Anatomy 360 (Dev) Build 1.2 on Vimeo

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