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TV anime to be held from 20:30 on December 16 (Tuesday) "Pleiades after schoolIt was revealed that live broadcast of Ustream and Nico Nico Live broadcast live production presentation of.

Naruto Takamori, Mr. Atsuko Ohashi, Mr. Tanuki Ohashi, Mr. Tanuki Tanino, Ms. Yuki Makino, Mr. Yui Makino, Ms. Nakamori Takamori, Mr. Yasuyuki Makino, Mr. Saki Fujita, Hiroyuki Yamaga, Representative Director of GAINAX, Warner Entertainment Japan Akihiko Okada producer participates. Promotional images of the TV series will also be released for the first time in the recital.


TV animation "Pleiades after school" Production presentation - 2014/12/16 20: 30 start - NicoNico Live broadcast
© GAINAX / Praiades Production Committee after school

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Professional players all over the world who were taught the wonderfulness of football from "Captain Tsubasa" - GIGAZINE

"Tabasco" was chocolate or jelly beans so I tried it actually - GIGAZINE

Light and shadow we thought of in socialist Bolivia to correct the disparity society - GIGAZINE

A way to read comfortably "favorite" articles or movies and see them - GIGAZINE

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Mii of those who became the topic of this year wwwwwwwwwww (with images ※) | Rabbit bulletin

Neutralize pretty cure sparkle - Daily portal Z: @nifty

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Before date voting 13.15 million, voters 12.62% House of Representatives election - election: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The previous House of Representatives election in 2012 was 11 · 58% of the total number of voters.

Candidate tweet, 77% reporting activity · announcement that Wake - Election: Asahi Shimbun Digital

There seems to be a thought that policy posting is relatively few from the candidate ruling party should be murmured and should not be confronted with contradiction in the administration of the administration afterwards. Meanwhile, opposition party candidates are posting many policies, in addition to criticism of the administration, there is also the aspect that it can say as much as it is because the probability of entering the administration is low. The opposition party can make use of Twitter and others strategically and in the long term so that the citizen can remind the citizen that "This party is strong in this field" by taking advantage of the advantageous position which is easy to murmur.

To the LDP only voters won the general election, although they did not vote for the mid-10% range (less than 1 for 6 voters)? (Nobu Inoue) - Individual - Yahoo! News

NHK news exceeding 20 seats for communism for the first time in 14 years

The Communist Party and Komeito are the winners of this general election | Trend | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

"No political party" Party, 100,000 votes acquisition proportion District Hokkaido - Election: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Last winner revived by former Prime Minister Naoto Kan - Election: Asahi Shimbun Digital

20141214 Ikegami Akira special election feature - YouTube

Payang coverage "How to pick up funny" Syggy representative: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Troubleshooting with an alternative financial type product NHK News

Kimoto prefectural police witnessed the arrest of teacher Aomori Prefectural High School teacher in the guardian of a watch-shaped camouflage school trip on a female hot-spring watch

[Sad news] Risk damage caused by mistake in food, Maruka foods: spare time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor blog

The taste of the village - MARUKAN FOOD CO., LTD.

By the way, regarding the "Maruka Food Co., Ltd." which is being manufactured and sold by Gumma prefecture, we have covered this issue on television, etc. Our company mainly manufactures safflower in Hiroshima prefecture. I will inform you here that it is a company.

【Positive expectation of 452 seats in all 475 seats】 Introducing "expected forecast" of House of Representatives based on Nikoniko Questionnaire (Updated on December 15th at 12 o'clock) | Nico Nico news

Sony requested not to write articles by spill mail - to the press - Bloomberg

President of the Japan Net Takatori retire from all office positions. Will it be okay in the future? : IT bulletin

President Yoshinoya "Let's talk about all of beef bowl price raising" | Dining out | Toyo economic online | Business site for new generation leaders

Yamada Denki, buying an annual household of 190,000 yen? Key to breaking through limit · Destructive power of quotation sales | Business Journal

Troubleshooting with an alternative financial type product NHK News

Why is innovation hard to occur in Japan? What should I do?FromBreakthrough Partners Akabane Yuji

"Return!" "Garbage!" In Akihabara Ekimae, someone from the audience blasped to the media - YouTube

Kyodo news subsidiary company information 17,000 leaks or NHK news

【Payang problem】 President of CGC "Although the victim is not present, the way the media picks up is strange": Breaking news

Admission of Japanese version "Petit Enron" case, Enariis docked hand-dyed hand-dressed earnings dressing accounts from the time of listing approaches: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

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Starbucks, "Last place to go" Tutoring at Tottori A row of matrices without interruptions: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Starbucks Latte" and "Cafe Amelicano" are offered free of charge. For the first time taste, I was able to make a queue without interruption for four hours I was planning.

The painful news (No ∀ `): The light of the LED is criticized as" cold ", this year all incandescent light bulb ... Kobe Luminarie - Livedoor blog

Why "Full Recording" Video Recorder Does not Become Popular | THE PAGE (THE PAGE)

"It is over 100 times magnification multiplied", salty reality | real information for hiring students | oriental economy online | business site for new generation leaders

Toray 213 times, Kagome 308 times, Meiji is 2750 times

Listen to 880 doctors by oneself Practice hangover measures: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

In the year-end party season, there are people who drink almost every day. By the way, doctors familiar with the mechanism of the body actually take what measures before the drinking party? How do you deal with it when you are hung over? As a result of our own survey for 879 doctors, as in ordinary people, there are one dozen people in ten favorite marketing medicines and foods that can be bought at pharmacies etc, half of the hangover doctor first The actual situation being done became clear.

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The 47th House of Representatives Viewed from the Implementation of the Front End Bulletin Board Early Warning Page Summary - Exposing Ignorance

The story that neither ffmpeg nor imagemagick is afraid in Docker - Cookpad developer blog

"I tried buying a single-lens reflex, but the picture does not work well," do you know who it is? : IT bulletin

News & Trend - IBM's Watson makes a real debut, at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and Mizuho Bank, at the beginning of the year: ITpro

A story about when Unity is super-AR | UNICORN SQUARE GARDEN

Talk of replacing the server that lasted 9 years with MySQL 4.0 and upgraded itFromTakahiro Okumura

Google Japan Blog: Guest mode is available on Chromecast

If you have set up a complicated WiFi password, it takes time to enter it. If you use guest mode newly added to Chromecast from today, friends who came to play can cast videos such as YouTube to TV without connecting to WiFi. You do not have to bother to remember and share your home password anymore. Once you set up guest mode on Chromecast, you can cast to any TV in the same room from any Android device.

Let's know again, what is an SSL server certificate? - Sakura Knowledge

The first HTTP / 2 server push | GREE Engineers' Blog

How to make munin a little - How to log muin

Poodle is fine, is it secure with cookie? - Togetter Summary

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Ingress (Express) Inform: What happened before Japan sunk that day - Darsana ZERO

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Keanu Reeves, you can not be put in the filming end party of the movie you starred, keep waiting for 20 minutes in the rain until acquaintance comes' (ω; `)

Female arrested for watching football at Saudi Arrangement for men disguised as a male violation - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

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Apology and notice about "Mac fly potato" and change of sales contents of set products including potato

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