Four overseas schools surprised by former teachers such as Mammoth school with 50,000 students

In other words, education will change if it changes, then we will report four schools that were particularly impressive, such as Guinness certification in India "school with the largest number of students in the world".

Hello!World newspaperA special reporterTaira Hiroyukiis. I am now in Ethiopia in Africa (the asterisk) (red line is overland, blue line moves by air). Before that I stayed in India, the Middle East and Eastern Europe for three months.

Before I left I was a science teacher at a middle and high school. Therefore, "Traveling overseas junior high and high school" is one theme of the journey. Its purpose is to "obtain a new lesson method", "know the characteristics of overseas schools" "know the realities of national students" "compare club activities with Japan".

Each of the four schools that I posted this time is a permission for photograph coverage, and I also post interviews with students respectively. The last Asia school summary is "Six high schools in junior high schools in Asia that astonished former teachers"is.

· There were 50,000 mammoth schools registered in Guinness in India
In IndiaLucknowWe visited a private school · City Montessori School in

This school is certified by Guinness as a school with the largest number of students in the world. This picture was posted on the back cover of the materials received from the school, and this picture was posted in the school too. You can see the Guinness certified mark firmly on the upper right. According to school officials, the number of students in this fiscal year is 30,937, and it is now 50,000 people.

Here, a total of 12 grades of elementary school 5 grades, junior high school 3 grades, high school 4 grades are learned. We are not learning at one school building, it is divided into 20 campuses. The photos were several school buses that had stopped at the table on one of them. It is a masterpiece.

I visited a school of 4000 people scale. Indian schools are divided into English medium where classes are conducted in English and Hindi medium which is conducted in Hindi. Most of the private schools are English medium, and of course all the lessons were in English. I was impatient with the high level of educational awareness in India.

What is even more surprising is that in all the middle class classesElectronic blackboardIt was that it was introduced. By doing this, lessons of video are mainly conducted. In this science lesson, I explained the state change of the substance. The change of solid, liquid and gas was visibly understood with the change of temperature. Thanks to the introduction of this electronic blackboard, it is said that three-dimensional understanding has become easier.

Only when solving the problem, the teacher was doing a board book on the electronic blackboard to the last. In this class method, benefits such as unification of teacher's form of teaching and reduction of class preparation can be expected, but it is regrettable that the originality of the lesson will be reduced.

This is the textbook of high school physics I showed you last. I hear that this thickness will be learned in a year. Unlike Japan, almost no pictures were found.

Sugura of a second year high school student (first grader in Japan). It is a half of a Japanese and an Indian. There seemed to be opportunity to attend Japanese school, and he told me about the difference in school circumstances with India, "There is no bullying in India, tea-pricked child can be seen with white eyes". After school he was busy with a cram school and he said that he would like to volunteer to protect the resources of the Middle East from Europe and the US in the future.

After seeing this time, I was amazed at the high motivation of learning by each student. In the lesson I showed, there were also boring classes just to read textbooks. However, no one nodded off and no students heard. On the contrary, the sight that the students desperately notes so that they do not miss the words to read aloud even seems to be witnessing the future development of India. Of course, this school is sometimes referred to as an advanced school, but even 50,000 students are motivated to learn is a terrible thing.

· In Armenia, studying physical dynamics in middle 2
Eastern EuropeanArmeniaIn the capitalYerevanI saw a private school that has a strong emphasis on language, which is in the school. Elementary school, junior high school and high school in Japan were installed.

As I imagined a high school student when I heard that I could show my physics classes, I was surprised at the instant the student's young face opened the classroom. The age of this student is 13 to 14 years old, it is a second grade middle school student in Japan. The classroom was 20 people and was small.

If I think that it is not physics but basic science ... ... The physical letter formula was written on the blackboard. I will study this V - t graph in Physics Foundation (Physics I) in Japan. In general, I will take classes at the high school second grader.

When I showed the textbook, I saw the formula of free fall. Perhaps the equation of motion is being introduced on this previous page. I am taking this as a second grader in high school in Japan.

The student 's response to this lesson is that while there are students positively asking questions and students who answered smiling on the blackboard in advance ... ...

Some students were dancing majestically at mobile phones. It seems that about half of the students understand that it is noisy overall.

She is Mel, a senior in high school. I am good at Korean and say that I want to study abroad in Korea after graduation. After school it seems to be busy to study for entrance examinations.

Armenia isA country that compulsory education of chess at elementary schoolBut there are. In the article mentioned above, Armenia's Minister of Education refers to one of the objectives of mandatoryization as improving the logical thinking ability, but because of its educational program based on its logical thinking ability, Can you learn physics from an early period?

· Art high school in Romania is dyed with sake and tobacco
RomaniaOkay.BucharestI visited the public art high school of.Page of Ministry of Foreign AffairsAccording to Romania, there are many high schools that specialize in music and gymnastics, and so on, there are many kinds of schools.

Will it be in the middle of creation when entering the school? A corridor colored artistic welcomed us. I was excited because it seems to be an art school.

Lesson of drawing I let you observe. There were about 20 students. Of course, there is no desk, unlike regular high schools. The style of the classroom has also changed according to fields such as sculpture and video.

I showed my work. As expected it is beautiful university, beauty high school! Through shadows, the work seems to be three-dimensional and move.

They are the students who showed me around the school. Their greatest impact was that their actions were visited this time. I thought that my face was burning a little since I first met, but I brought beer to school and drink it. Please look at the left hand of the left student. Cigarettes suck spasmas not only on them but most students at rest. Of course, because it is a school regulation breach (or illegal), I hide when my teacher passes. When asking the students whether this school is special, 80% of Romanian high schools said that this is the case.

The girls student on the right is Mr. Christine who is 18 years old (third grader in high school). Her specialty is clothing. When I graduated from high school, I did not go to college, I seem to get a job of fashion, and seemed to be very busy studying design and sewing after school.

By the way, what is stuck in the hair of the girls student on the left ... ... It was chopsticks (laugh). Truly a high school student. Fashion is also a bit different.

Most of the students here say that they go on to beautiful college or take jobs in their professional relationships. In other words, in Romania where there are relatively few high schools in regular departments, there are many people who make their own course decisions among junior high school students. I finally decided to be a teacher at the age of 22, so I feel envious as I think it is reckless to the custom of Romania that will decide the course at junior high school.

Also, Romania is famous for its bad security. In 2012Cases where Japanese female college students are murderedI put it. It is regrettable that I can not help thinking that the cause is due to the disturbance of educational institutions that do not control drinking, smoking, etc.

· The teachers are young and funny, the boys in Jordan
JordanOkay.PetraWe visited a public school in Asim Ibn Thabit Essential School. Students from 10 to 15 years old are studying, about 400 students in all schools. In Jordan, 93% of the population is Muslim,It becomes gender discrimination up to the secondary secondary school which is a high school in JapanIt seems.

It is a state of English class. This English teacher was originally working at UAE's educational institution and said that he returned to Jordan to develop English language education. Therefore, classes were conducted in English. I forgot to ask why you bother installing a white board on the blackboard. You are interested.

The teachers who showed me around the school. Since it is a boys' school, all the teachers were men. Moreover, young teachers in the 20s and 30s like photographs were staff rooms that seemed to be mostly fun.

When I let you observe the laboratory, my teacher has become a doctor with a blood pressure monitor and a stethoscope full of humor (laugh). Do you use it in creatures of living things?

Another thing I was interested in is the gas burner. It was not with gas adjustment screws / air adjustment screws like in Japan, and there was no alcohol lamp. I heard the reason, it seems to be because it is cheap.

He is a 15-year-old (9th grade) pyre. My favorite subject is English, and he says he wants to become a pilot in the future. After school it seems to play soccer not with club activities but with friends.

I received a big welcome from the students when I caught chemistry classes, and a teacher who did not see excitement for one student did not pretend to punish the students "Do you give punishment to noisy students in Japan like this?" The classroom was enveloped in a lively mood. This is just an example, and the school has been enjoyed throughout. I was a boys from a boys feeling that this is the pleasure of oozing out of a boys' school, I soaked in nostalgia.

· Conclusion
Although I planned to organize schools in the Middle East this time, I had to abandon from "many vacation" and "difficulty in getting photograph permission". In the Middle Eastern Region there were countries where the summer vacation reached 3 months due to the high temperature, and in addition there were many holidays by Muslim celebrations. I am sorry that I was particularly interested in science education in Pakistan. Because the young man who had the anti-American spirit that we met in Pakistan seriously told us the reason for the occurrence of the hurricane "I am against God". I have never thought that there is a country that scientific phenomenon is the power of God in this era.

Although it is somewhat irritable to judge only by the school that I visited this time, I felt "a high level of learning awareness" from India that is different from other countries. I have been thinking about India as a developing country with a low education level, and the extent IT education has been improved recently in recent years. However, when I looked into this opportunity, the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize was the IndianRabindranath TagoreIt was Mr. Literary Prize, and after that he found out the Physics Prize / Economics Award and the winners, and found out that he was putting emphasis on education since ancient times.

Every time I reversed my own prejudice, I realize that I have been on a journey. I would like to tell school information from the rest of Africa and South America from the site.

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