I tried using Times "Service X" which can rent an open sports car "Super Seven" at 2700 yen

An open car like the Super Seven is a longing like to ride once if you like cars, but considering the maintenance cost and the cold gaze poured from the surroundings with the family as a lead, the distant existence that can not be handed out But there are. A service that can ride on such a long-known famous car for 1 hour 2700 yen is a rental service of Times "Service X"is. I rented super seven at Service X and tried to enjoy the open light weight sports car.

Service X | Times Car Rental The time to get a famous car of your yearning as a favorite car.

Arrived at JR Yurakucho station. On the back side of Marui after leaving the ticket gateTimes Station Yurakucho Itosia branchThere is an entrance of.

After walking ahead I found the word "Times" on the glass.

This is a parking entrance. That's why Super Seven will rent from here.

Go down the stairs beside the doorway immediately ......

I go into Itosia.

Then escalator to the second basement level.

There was a reception of the Times Station Yurakucho Itosia shop down.

Super-seven had already been prepared for parking next to the reception desk. Tell them that you are making a reservation and have them show the car at once.

This is the Westfield "Super Seven" to rent this time. Super 7 is a sports car created by Lotus' Colin ChapmanLotus · SevenIt is a prototype. It is a genuine open car, but as a lightweight sports car it is also becoming popular as a racing machine.

Radiators and blinkers are in this position.

Front suspension looks something like this.

With Ford's OHC 1.6 liter engine installed in the painted bonnet.

The front wheels are 14 inches of 185 - 60.

The rear wheel is 14 inches of 195 - 60. There are two types of super seven fenders, cycle fender and clamshell fender, but this machine is a cycle fender specification.

The windshield wore a short wiper that I had never seen before.

There is no door or pillar, only the front screen is fully open.

There was a door beside the car body, but the exhilaration feeling of the open car was far above the door.

The manual transmission is 5 speed. Both shift lever and side brake lever are long.

Round shaped side mirror with headlight and matching.

Roll bar to secure head clearance at the time of overturning on the back of the two-seater seat.

Spare tire on the rear.

There is once a trunk space. However, in the state with the sail on top it is not more than a small bag. However, when thinking about safety, it seems better to think that "you can not bring any luggage" to Super Seven.

The muffler is sidelined. Attention is required on getting on and off the passenger side.

Next to Super Seven is Fairlady Z (S 30).

This S30 is a 1975 model, and of course it is possible to rent.


At Times Service X, to rent a car of your choiceAdvance phone booking requiredis. Weekends are usually full operation so weekday is the target. Tell them that you are booking at the reception and present your driver's license and Times Club card OK.

Agreement with the Terms of Service is required that is required along with the application form.

Although interpersonal / objective is insurance with unlimited compensation,There is no vehicle compensation at all. Therefore, if you hurt the car body will be compensated at your own expense.

After finishing the procedure, after finishing the scratches on the car body, we finally get on the super-seven. The seat is rather narrow. First set the position of the seat.

After that I will receive a simple lecture on machines such as meters and switches.

ETC card can be used for Super Seven.

When the service manual is put behind the seat, the test ride starts at last.

While turning off the clutch, twist the key to accelerate the accelerator and warm up until the idling is stabilized.

When you are ready to start, go out of the parking lot of the Times by the car line.

Go up the slope of the parking lot, go out and start running the city center of Tokyo with an open car can be confirmed in the following movie.

You tried running in downtown Tokyo in Super Seven you can rent in the Times - YouTube

Although there is no power steering, the handle is lighter than I thought. However, the operation of the indicator button at the position of the arrow is surprisingly difficult. The turn signal button did not return automatically automatically even if the steering wheel was turned off, and it was necessary to turn it off manually. Therefore, I forgot to put out a turn signal or needed to get used to forgetting to erase it.

By saying that it is an open car of explosive for a bare tire at an abnormally low car height, it stands out as a matter of course. Times Station Yurakucho If you get lost in Ginza at the eye of the store, you will feel a pedestrian's line of sight with such a feeling.

Running in Ginza at Super Seven is obvious, but stands out - YouTube

It is natural to see what you see, waving your hand from here will turn around ... ... maybe.

Taking a picture of GoPro on hand, I recorded a movie that looked like a little bit different like the in-vehicle camera of F1.

Rent at 2700 yen Take the Super Seven Go to the Imperial Palace from Ginza Go! - YouTube

Times Station Yurakucho It is located 10 minutes by car from the Itoshia store, the Imperial Palace. If you are renting Super Seven for 1 hour, the perfect drive course is around the Imperial Palace.

Exhilarating drive around the Imperial Palace at Super Seven - YouTube

It is Tokyo central city that tends to be congested, but around 1 pm on weekdays I was able to run around the Imperial Palace.

I noticed that the round mirror looked hard to notice when driving the Super Seven. But that's about an open car seven. You can look back and see it.

We also found a back technique to confirm by chrome plating headlight. The backward confirmation with the mirror requires accustoming, but since it is an open car it is easy to judge the surrounding situation and the West Seafare Super Seven is not such a machine so it is no problem for a man who can drive a manual car It was a car that I could enjoy driving.

The rumor that "if you are a super-seven you can kill tobacco on the ground" is probably true. Turning sideways, the ground is right there and the side-by-side tracks look like this.

Thanks to a fun drive, the hour of rental time is in no time. Furthermore, if you enter the lecture time before traveling, the real drive time should be shorter. The fear that the journey back to the Times Station Yurakucho Itoshia branch in the center of Tokyo is a heavy traffic jam is absolutely necessary. Considering that kind of thing, it is overwhelmingly recommended to rent 2 hours instead of 1 hour rental.

Unlike general car rental, Service X does not have to refill gasoline and return it. Come home as it is OK. It is a system to settle when you leave gasoline for the distance you ran. So I returned to Times Station Yurakucho Itoshia shop.

Unlike going out the bar did not go up automatically.

The parking ticket does not reach in the super seven ride. I had to get out of the car and take it.

That's why I returned the key and settled my petrol cost. Even if I enjoyed it for 1 hour, the gasoline fee was less than 500 yen.

At the time of article creation, there are four types of vehicles that can be rented at Times 'Service X': Super Seven, Alfa Romeo Spider, RX - 7 (FC) Convertible, and Fairlady Z S 30. Because I can ride a famous car of yearning for 2700 yen, it is recommended for people who want to drive with cars, as well as cars.

Service X | Times Car Rental The time to get a famous car of your yearning as a favorite car.

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