Fully deformed to become fully flat and uneven Pettanko Inside the car "FC commerce CASE"

Many cars and motorcycles are gatheredTokyo Motor Show 2011So, in spite of the sports car being conspicuous by all means the car that I remained aware of "What is this guy?" Is "FC commerce CASE", the car that Daihatsu was exhibiting. Not only is it less ornamental, its shape is a rectangular parallelepiped.

"FC commerce CASE" has a face like a tram.

The side is not a sliding door etc, but a type that the whole is opened up like a wing. Impression that size is a little big one box car.

Viewed from diagonally behind. Calling "box" is a stunning rectangular parallelepiped with no more cars that are more suitable.

It is seen from behind. After all it seems like a new generation of trams ... ....

Opening the side door opens like this.

Daihatsu opened "FC Commerce CASE" aspect - YouTube

Furthermore, the seat is automatically completely defeated, and the interior of the car becomes flat.

Daihatsu "FC commerce CASE" Store all the sheets and flatten the interior of the car - YouTube

Unevenness is almost zero, petty. This carFuel cell vehicle (FC vehicle)However, thanks to the compact fuel cell system installed under the floor, the degree of freedom of how to use the interior of the car is remarkably increased in this manner.

It seems that all the steering wheel is stored also in the full flat state.

Zero emission"FC commerce CASE" that proposes a new possibility of a small car as a vehicle. From the flat interior side and the way to open the side, it is possible to accumulate a lot of luggage, especially as this size, and it is also easy to use as a mobile sales car. Can it become a threat to the light van?

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