Android 5.0 Lollipop Tablet Nexus 9 will be disassembled just before the launch and its contents will be released

A repair group known for disassembling and revealing the contents earlier than anywhere when a new gadget appearsIFixit"Is the new tablet terminal just released in the United States on November 3, 2014"Nexus 9It is disassembling immediately.

Nexus 9 Teardown - iFixit

You can check the contents of Nexus 9 in the following movie.

The Nexus 9 Teardown Review - YouTube

Nexus 9 is a HTC 9-inch class tablet. The size is 153.68 mm in length × 228.25 mm in width and 7.95 mm in thickness.

The weight is 425 g and the 8.9 inch IPS liquid crystal display is adopted.

Since the rear cover is not glued and it is a clip fastener, it can be removed relatively easily without using a tool.

When removing the back cover it looks like this.

Since the connector of the rear camera is hidden under the motherboard, it is a drawback that it is necessary to remove the motherboard in order to remove the camera.

The rear camera has 8 million pixels · lens with F value of 2.4 and the focal length is 29.2 mm in terms of 35 mm. With auto focus and LED flash included. The model number of the camera is "3BA804P1 K1419 A 1.0"

The battery is fixed with a considerably strong adhesive.

Battery capacity is 6700 mAh. This is less than 7340 mAh of iPad Air 2 and slightly larger than 6471 mAh of iPad mini 2.

Removal of the front camera requires careful work to remove the thin flat cable from the connector.

Front camera is 1.6 million pixels, F value is 2.4 and model number is "3BF105P1 Y1428A1.0". It is possible to shoot a 720p movie.

Peel off the copper shield ...

It is like this when the antenna board is removed. Antenna wires are built into the thin flat cable of orange on the right.

This is Nexus 9's motherboard.

NVIDIA SoC boasting super powerful performance with red frame "Tegra K1"

Orange frame is made by Elpida with 2 GB memory "FA 164 A 2 MA".

Yellow frame is Samsung's 16GB · eMMC "KLMAG 2 GEAC"

The speaker is a unit like this.

Vibrator is a tool made by iFixit "Jimmy"You can remove it with Hosi Hoji.

Finally remove the display. Since the display is fixed firmly with a strong adhesive on the frame, please warm it firmly and melt the adhesive and remove it.

When the adhesive melts, put an opener like a pick in the gap and it is goshigoshi.

It is like this when the liquid crystal panel is removed.

Disassembly (repair) by iFixit The difficulty level is "3" in 10 steps. "10" is the easiest and "1" is difficult, so Nexus 9 is in a class that is difficult to disassemble.

The reason why the decomposition difficulty is "3" is that "the rear case can be easily removed," "the battery is fixed with adhesive," "tape or thin delicate cable is used," " "Being sticking to the glass" "Display glass is firmly adhered to the frame" is cited.

In addition, Nexus 9 will be released on the Google Play store tomorrow, Japan on November 6, 2014 (Thursday).

Nexus 9 - Google

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