Disassembled Google's "Nexus 6P" apart, not only looks but also contents inside

Google's flagship terminal with Android 6.0 Marshmallow is "Nexus 6P"is. It was developed jointly by Google and HUAWEI, it is attractive that the metal body and the high-spec performances that you can see that you are wearing a luxury feeling that you have a line with the other terminals just by having it in hand IFixit disassembles Nexus 6P into pieces and discloses what's inside.

Nexus 6P Teardown - iFixit

The color of Nexus 6P to decompose is graphite. The smartphone is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 (2.0 GHz / Octa core / 64 bit), GPU Adreno 430, memory 3 GB, and storage capacity is 32 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB lineup. The display is 5.7 inches and the resolution is 2560 × 1440 (518 ppi).

The back is like this. The 12.3 megapixel main camera is carried and the glass plate extending to the left and right of the main camera is very characteristic. If the color is graphite, it melts around,Other colorsIt's pretty prominent design.

For the body part, use class anodized aluminum which is also used for aircraft.

The joint between the back and the side is chamfered and it is characteristic.

When comparing Nexus 5X (top) and Nexus 6 P (bottom), it looks like this. Unexpectedly there is an opening in the size.

This is a picture comparing Nexus 6P (left) and Nexus 6 (right). Nexus 6P is slim in width.

So we started decomposing immediately. Since Nexus 6P does not have any screws, no matter where you look at the body,IOpenerWarm it up ... ...

Use a thin plate like a pick to remove the cover. It can be easily removed when warmed.

Remove the screw under the cover.

Next, remove the upper glass panel as well. I am inserting a knife here ... ...

Be careful as this characteristic glass panel breaks easily.

after that,ISclackSeparate display part and body part using.

IFixit points out that "The structure of Nexus 6P is different from recently decomposed smartphones." Although it is said that the display is together with other parts and the point that it can be easily removed from the rear cover are different from the others, "These are making the repair of Nexus 6P difficult", said "HTC One M7 It reminds me of the structure "commenting.

In addition to the motherboard in Nexus 6PDaughter boardThere is also a cable connecting these to the battery is visible.

Since it is said that the battery is attached with an intense adhesive, removal may be a bit painful.

This is the removed battery. The capacity is 3450 mAh.

Next I will remove iFixit "one of the smallest daughter boards I have ever seen" part of the board carrying the USB Type-C port. After looking back after decomposing everything, this board was "one of the few parts that Nexus 6P could easily repair than Nexus 5X," said iFixit.

When removed it is like this.

Remove the module at the bottom of the back as it is.

The speaker module was next to the board on which the USB Type-C port was mounted.

This is the earphone jack on the top. Although the gray part is a rubber material, iFixit says that this alone is insufficient as a material for judging whether Google is aiming for waterproofing.

And golden parts next to the earphone jack ......

It was a front camera (right). The left is an earphone jack.

Remove the motherboard after detaching the fine parts. It is not fixed with glue, it can be easily removed.

When removed it is like this. Although the main camera seems to be fixed to the motherboard, ......

It seems that it can be easily removed just by being fitted in.

This is the main camera module. Removing from the motherboard is easy, but to remove the motherboard, it is awkward for the extraordinary hardship to remove the back panel, remove the screws, remove the board from the enclosure, and disconnect the cables.

Furthermore, remove the fingerprint authentication sensor from the back side of the motherboard.

I removed it.Of Nexus 5XYou can see that it is quite different.

In the red frame part of the motherboard is Qualcomm'sSnapdragon 810, Orange frame part is Samsung'sKLMBG 4 GEND-B 031(32GB eMMC 5.0 NAND Flash), the yellow frame part is Qualcomm'sPMI 8994. PMI 8994 is a power management IC, which is mounted on many Android smartphones including Nexus 5X. Qualcomm's SMB1351 quick charge IC is in the green frame part, RF micro Devices RF 8117 V in the light blue frame part is on the blue frame partSTM32F411CE, In the purple frame partMAX989.

The back side looks like this. Red frame part is Wi-Fi chipBCM 4358, Orange frame part of power management ICPM 8994, NFC controller in the yellow frame partPN 548, WCD 9330 for the audio codec in the green frame part, RF transceiver in the light blue frame partWTR 3925, The antenna switch module in the blue frame partRF 1891, In the purple frame part of the LTE related moduleSKY77814-11.

Repair difficulty certified by iFixit is the second most difficult "2" out of all 10 levels, and repair by individual is almost impossible level. About iFixit, it is difficult to disassemble Nexus 6P "It's hard to remove the back of the chassis" "It is almost impossible to remove it without damaging the glass camera cover" "It is very troublesome to replace the display" , And pointed out that these are due to the unibody design.

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