The police is testing software capable of predicting incidents and organizations from SNS postings, behavior, date, time, location, etc. Big data

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It turned out that the London Metropolitan Police Department in the UK is carrying out testing of a system using certain special software. The London Metropolitan Police Department is testing the system to forecast in advance who is likely to commit a crime in the near future, using criminal organizations and all the criminal data of the past committed by members.

BBC News - London police trial gang violence 'predicting' software

The London Metropolitan Police Department uses for testing the integrated consulting companyAccentureSoftware provided by. The software used for the test is to analyze criminal data of four years occurring in London in combination with criminal data committed by the gang organization and its members in the year after the four years when it was collected. Even with criminal data, not only crime history such as date, place, criminal name, but also everything from culprit's behavior to SNS posting and voting are included.

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For example, if a member of a gang repeatedly utters remarks that would oppose another member of the group, the software collects data on posts and contents. In addition, the software compares the collected data against the criminal data of the past four years, and predicts who in the gang members are at risk of committing a crime in the near future.

Muz Janoowalla, Accenture's Director of Security Analytics, who provides software for the London Metropolitan Police Department, said: "Our software predicts the high risk of committing criminal acts that the police should mark, currently implemented "I am quite confident that the test that I am doing will succeed," he said, "I am not allowed to talk about detailed information about the test."

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Although it is movement of the Metropolitan Police Department that seems to protect the safety of citizens at a glance, the first response to the test that the London Metropolitan Police Department is conducting is privacy protection activitiesBig Brother WatchOrganization that is. Big Brother Watch says, "The Metropolitan Police Department needs to pay more attention to how to use big data, there is a danger that the forecast is not accurate, in that case you will end up social stigma on certain people." I asked the London Metropolitan Police to release detailed information on the test.

Not only Accenture is developing and providing software that predicts crime in advance. IBM is studying a system to predict crime by combining data collected from weather patterns, crime history and surveillance systems. Also, local police such as Yorkshire and Kent in the UK are American startupsPredPolThe crime prediction software that is being provided has been tested. In the United States, criminal data held by the police is analyzed and crime prediction is made, and based on that predictionA system in which the police patrolsHas begun to be introduced, and there is a possibility that it will be introduced in Japan in the future as well.

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