It turned out that more than 2000 football fans were erroneously judged as criminal suspects by face recognition system using surveillance camera

UEFA Champions League (UCL) 2016-2017 final game in the UK · June 2017CardiffIt was held in. As large sports events can be the target of terrorists, South Wales PolicePlan to detect criminal suspects in face recognition system using surveillance cameraHowever, as a result of actually using the face recognition system, it announced that more than 2,000 people were erroneously judged as a suspect and the system.

Facial Recognition Technology - South Wales Police

2,000 wrongly matched with possible criminals at Champions League - BBC News

UCL 2016 - 2017 About 170 thousand football fans were expected to visit Cardiff, UK, the final venue. South Wales police scanned the face of visitors using surveillance cameras set in the streets and automatic face recognition system (AFR), because large sports events tend to be the target of terrorists, suspected of criminal charges in real time The database was checked against the database.

byJeremy Segrott

On the day of the UCL finals, 2470 people were judged to be suspected of crime by AFR, but 2297 of them were found to be misidentified. However, the person who was judged as a suspect in AFR was not immediately arrested, and when a warning accorded with the suspect list was confirmed, the confirmation was made by the operator of the AFR, and furthermore the police officer interviewed the target person He said he was checking whether he was a suspect or not. As a result, South Wales police have announced that there are no misidentified arrests and no complaints have been issued even though there is a misjudgment by AFR.

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The South Wales Police are analyzing that face recognition technology misunderstands the general person as a criminal because the image quality of the suspect list provided by UEFA and Interpol is poor, The algorithm is said to be more accurate with updates. Also, Matt Yukes of the South Wales Police Chief said in response to the BBC's interview: "In order to protect people from the terrorist threats, AFR is essential for large events and its accuracy is increasing due to technological progress We are going up, so please rest assured that we are not planning to use hard-wearing measures for people with AFR. "

Meanwhile, the citizen group "Big Brother Watch" called for the abolition of AFR and other surveillance systems, commenting that more than 2,000 people were misjudged as criminals at the event "unreasonable" It is. Silky Carlo, organizer of the "Big Brother Watch" said real-time face recognition is not only a threat to civil liberties, it is also a dangerous and inaccurate political tool.The face recognition technology is tremendous speed The misjudging public citizens as criminals and intervening police treat them as suspects. "

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