I found a regional limited edition "Melonpan's skin burned" that only skin of melonpan was used as a product, so I ate it

Yamazaki's bread is not listed on the homepage, products sold quietly sold out and sold out are continuing "I melted the skin of melonpan"is. As the name suggests, it is a cookie type sweet which can eat crispy texture of melon pans, it was cheap at 76 yen including tax, so I bought it and tried it.

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"Skin burning of melon bread" was placed next to the cash register of Daily Yamazaki in Osaka prefecture.

The expiration date is somewhat short and seems to be about a week.

The backside is a light green package.

Calories are 245 kcal, Haagen-DazsMini Cup VanillaAbout the same.

Mixed powder · egg · sugar · vegetable oil · sweetened condensed milk · butter · swelling agent etc. are used, raw materials are similar to melonpan.

"Skin burning of melon bread" taken out of the package is indeed skinned like melon bun, but it looks rather like a cookie if it is rather.

Yamazaki's bread's "Melon bread with butter scent"Diameter is smaller than the iPhone 6, it is shorter vertically than the iPhone 6.

It is about the same as the iPhone 6 when viewed from the side, and it is not as thick as the melonpan.

The surface of "Melonpan's skin burned" has quite a melonpan atmosphere, and it has plenty of sugar. "Melon bread with butter scent" is 415 kcal, so "Melon peel was skinned" was about half calorie.

The atmosphere on the surface is similar, but there was not a unique break of melonpan.

Sugar was plentifully buried also on the back.

I will bring it in my hand and eat it.

When I try to eat it has a crispy texture and a somewhat consolidated texture, it reproduces the taste of melon pane which is characterized by the sugar-coated surface and the taste of fragrant wheat and butter, which is exactly "Melon peel skin Perfect for those who like parts.

The inside is less crisp than the cookie "A blotImpression that is quite different from the fluffy part of melonpan with a slightly boso-like texture close to such as. The price of 76 yen including tax can be felt somewhat higher considering that Meronpan of Yamazaki bakery is 108 yen including tax, but it seems to be a reasonable price as cookie.

I tried melonpan on the trial, but the taste of the surface was almost the same, but the surface and the inner side were soft compared to "It was skinned melonpan", so I received a different impression.

"Skin burning of melon bread" has been sold exclusively for Kansai at present. I asked five convenience stores this time, but since most of the sold out stores got two hands at last, I would recommend that people who want to eat buy with haste as they see them.

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